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Question: what's the nicest position to receive facial,lying or sitting?

Asked by IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

13 answers

I have seen plenty of variety when it comes to facial treatments and I often do them in the sitting position but I just wondered if you therapists out there had any preferences!! it is lovely to link into scalp in the sitting position but do the clients relax more when prone?? xx

Facials, Face Massage

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TA-oR 3 years ago

I'd definitely say lying down with the head slightly elevated- easier for your back as a therpaist and nicer for your client so they don't get a blocked nose or 'head rush'. You can still link in with the scalp in this position too :-)

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Thank you !!

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NikkiFeeney 3 years ago

In my experience definitely lying, as i like to include a little chest and shoulder massage, to me it gives my customers the feeling they are at a spa. Although if the customer has mobility problems i would use the sitting position. its all about the customers preferences to me.

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Good Idea Nikki thanks!

sueone1 3 years ago

Definately lying down. It is more relaxing for the client and alot of the masks would slide if the client was to sit. Scalp massage can still be performed whilst the client is prone. Or do the scalp massage with client sitting then transfer them to the couch for the rest of the facial.

Sources: http://www.healthnbeautycentre.com

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Good thinking!!

BePampered 3 years ago

I always do facial with client lying down. I suppose it stems from how I was trained and am used to doing it that way. I think they can relax more and also as a therapist its easier on my posture as i can sit or stand behind the client's head.
I do have one client due to their medical condition that needs to sit, and I've been able to adapt the routine to suit this.

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

True, and I do have lower back issues!

HealthyBeautyBar 3 years ago

As a healthy conscious beauty salon, Healthy Beauty Bar Salon and Skincare Centre in Halifax recommends you should have a facial lying on a couch beacuse this way you will enjoy your facial while your body is relaxed and tension free. For more Information please contact Healthy Beauty Bar beauty salon in Halifax on info@healthybeautybar.com

Sources: http://www.HealthyBeautyBar.com

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Thank you !!

AndYoga 3 years ago

Definiately lying down - the client can relax sooo much more and you can still get your hands into the scalp. I do natural facelift massage and my clients much prefer to lay down.

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Thank you!!

Rodolfo-Valentin 3 years ago

A great "facial" result is rejuvenate, and to rejuvenate you must be in the total flat position, also it helps to reverse the gravity of the face skin.

Sources: http://www.rodolfovalentin.com/spa/skin-care

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago


bodylean 3 years ago

i would suggest work with the clients preference, however we always do our clients anti aging facials with them sat up so they can see how the treatment works in the mirror and watch the results before and after their treatment. if massage the lymph nodes - sitting up the clients will benefit from extra drainage - which will visibley show in the face after treatments

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Good tip thanks!!

AbenaAnokye 3 years ago

Laying down face up

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago


FacesbyRobin-LE 3 years ago

Without question, any facial is more relaxing and enjoyable in a prone position! The next time that yoou are given a chance, try a facial in the prone position and you will never consider having one in a sitting position again. I guarantee it!

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

OK!! thanks

barbie333 3 years ago

Hi there I find lying down is a lot better and comfortable for the client.

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IsleofWightMassage 3 years ago

Thanks x

mmm2hands 3 years ago

Another vote for: Lying down, on your back face up. :-)

makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

I prefer my client to be laying down. While doing an hour long facial I just want to make sure my client is comfortable . But I did notice it does depend on the setting in which you get your facial for example a medical setting like a dermatologist office or a medi spa will most likely have you sitting in a facial chair. But a spa setting usual will have you laying on a table
In my opinion the holistic setting is way more relaxing

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