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Question: Is deep tissue massage appropriate for pregnant women, or for young children?

Asked by Conrad 5 years ago

4 answers

Does the intensity of the massage make it difficult for younger people, or for pregnant women?

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Jeff-Willet 5 years ago

Most young children will not tolerate or be comfortable with deep tissue massage; and their young bodies haven't accumulated a lot of stress. So why put them through it?

A pregnant woman should not get massage during the 1st trimester. After that deep tissue would appropriate; avoiding the abdomen, ankles and calves. The woman should also be comfortably positioned using side-lying techniques.

Sources: A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology by Ruth Werner

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Moonwaves 5 years ago

Depends on your definition of "deep tissue massage".

For some people, it means "hurt me". For others, it means heavy pressure.

For me, it means addressing specific structures (muscles, tendons, etc.) which may or may not be deep. By working at the speed of the tissues, working shallow to deep, and using a variety of techniques, I do deep tissue massage with little or no pain. When there is a need to address specific structures, slow, gentle deep tissue massage can be appropriate for children and pregnant women. There are structures which may not be accessible - the psoas, for example - but for many structures, deep tissue massage is appropriate.

For pregnant women, there are restrictions, but the intensity of a technique is not a restriction per se. Pregnant women need special considerations, but they are not fragile, and many of them are tired of being treated as fragile.

With young children, the threshold of pain is lower than with adults, but really, pain is to be avoided regardless of age. Other than working out trigger points (and even there, the client should be saying "that's good pain, don't stop") massage should feel good, not hurt.

andys 5 years ago

no young children are still growing and if wanting a massage should have a light relaxing one. Pregnant women should not have deep tissue massage its better to be safe then sorry.

Gabishiatsu 5 years ago

Shiatsu is ideal during any stage of pregnancy, from the first trimester through to the birth itself. It can even be an effective natural aid to bring on an overdue birth.

Babies and jung childern energy is very Yang because they are in stage of intence growth.Their bodies have not build up imbalances deeply in the body, therefore their energy respond very quickly and easily.
Working with babies involves more gentle stroking, with jung childern you can apply light pressure.Childern generaly dont like to lie for long time so working with jung childer incorporate play and movement into strech while working some energy lines as well.

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