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Question: I am thinking about taking the Stomp FX training to teach step, does enyone thing is a good program?

Asked by Itzel 4 years ago

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batesn 3 years ago

Hi there Itzel,

I would recommend that you teach this programme as its very easy to follow and has all the latest research on fitness training. You can either do stomp fx the workout, 10 tracks and 1 routine for each track with various fitness themes to each of them for example HIIT, Functional Conditioning, Interval training or there is also stomp fx + (plus) this is the same sound track but its more has more choreography and its has great learning progressions so if you are new teacher its very easy to follow also the stomp fx+ is free! Its 2 workouts in one! You can either do face to face training with no video assessment training or online learning with a video submission.
Hope this helps!

Sources: http://www.fitness-fx.com

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