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Question: How do you post articles on Wahanda?

Asked by Coach-DD 3 years ago

3 answers

I would like to post some articles on Wahanda but I don't see how you do that. Any tips?

Counselling, Healing, Coaching, Stress Management, Life Coaching

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isabellewahanda 3 years ago

Debra - you'll need to send a final article that you would like posted along with the profile name and we will post it for you on site. As we review all content on the site we do not currently allow self article posting. Email hello@wahanda and the team will help you out. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the community!

Sources: http://www.wahanda.com/info/get-in-touch/

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isabellewahanda 3 years ago

Sorry, that email is HELLO@WAHANDA.COM. Hit enter too quickly.

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Coach-DD 3 years ago

Great thanks Isabell. That makes it easy.

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lopo5 3 years ago

Please do send in an article Debra -- the Wahanda community loves to read articles from practitioners & therapists. If its really good we'll make sure to mention in it in the newsletter.

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

hi I am julia Rhodes , of West London Colonics .
I have recently started contributing articles , and enjoying the process. The site editor , Alison Rowley , is excellent at fine-tuning the article, and by the time she's worked her magic on it , it looks great . She is on alison@wahanda.com.
I am finding it worthwhile to check out the questions that have been posted in the past , and if they are interesting , or if i have a point of view, i add an answer .
I figure that if I am browsing the questions , others also are doing so, so that makes the Q&A 'j'ust in time 'for them .

Sources: Sources: WLC Wahanda page: http://www.wahanda.com/place/west-london-colonics/
See Julia Rhodes profile on Wahanda http://www.wahanda.com/pro/westlondoncolonics/details/

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