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Question: What to do with my hair on holiday???!

Asked by LilBunny 3 years ago

10 answers

I have thick hair that has a strong wave to it but it always goes frizzy as I have a lot of layers cut into it. How can I ensure that it looks sleek and sexy when I go on holiday to somewhere hot? I'm a tad worried about having a frizz pack for the whole time and I really don't want to spend my evening trying to straighten it. HELP!!

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Terri 3 years ago

I would recommend the keratin treatment. If you wear your hair mostly straight it will make it alot easier and faster and it helps get rid of 90% or more of the frizz

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billyhairderssers 3 years ago

hi there its the best to have kartin treatment it make a huge of different for your hair hope that was helpfull best regard

ColourQueen55 3 years ago

You could talk to your stylist about a Brazilian Gloss. It's a formaldehyde free formula that will smooth out frizz and streamline your styling time. From the way you describe your hair texture it sounds like this treatment would benefit your hair and your holiday time. It can last for up to 2 months depending on your hair and how often you shampoo. Have a glamorous day!

Sources: Brazilian Gloss, keratin treatment, smoothing treatment, frizz, Gloss Moderne

JoPartridge55 3 years ago

I think a Keratin brazilian blow dry would definatly help your hair while on holiday. The other important factor is to take products that will help and protect your hair. If you have a keratin treatment then we sell the shampoo and conditioner that needs to be used. However if you dont have the keratin I would strongly reccomend that you take The kerastase Soliel range these products are the best for holiday use and would really help you. At our salons if you are buying this range you will receive a lovely beach bag as a FREE gift as well!! http://www.jopartridge.com

spanishfly 3 years ago

Best answer I can give is 1 pick a textured style that is not gonna make the frizz so ovious .2 keratin and brazilian blow outs are to help with these matters.3 go to. Ur nearest hair dresser that works with thick hair and have sit and have a really good consult realisticly u need to find out why ur hair is frizzy there are many different thing u may or may not due that make ur hair frizzy and in order to adress the issue is to get to the root of the problem

LittleDuchess 3 years ago

Hello, I have ecactly the same hair type as you and found the answer on my last holiday [oman, 48 degree heat!]. I used Green People Organics Neroli Shampoo and Neroli and Marshmallow Conditioner. It combats frizz, moisturises and is a general miracle for those of us with tricky hair! James Brown Serum is goot too if your tresses need a little more taming. During the day...keep a scarf or hat on your head, and if you have to go in the water then wet your hair in the shower first so that it doesn't suck up too much chlorine or salt. Pop a little conditioner in for good luck and then swim away.
Plaits are allways a good holiday look, plait a pony tail to one side of your head and let the layered bits fall out, you can twist these and pin them back if you like.
The green people sun creams and aftersun are genius too.
Hope that helps.

Sources: http://www.greenpeople.co.uk

Answer Comments

Debbieb21 3 years ago

Hi I would reccomend the Brazillian Blow dry for you, absolutely the best for holiday hair

Bev-79 3 years ago

I like the look of putting a treatment through your hair, don't rinse it out. Then twist the hair in to large sections, following the natural wave of your hair. The treatment will help to nourish your hair plus stop it from frizzing up!

If you don't want the waves then a brasilian blowdry is prob your best option. They are not cheap and take a few hours to do but the results are amazing!

Enjoy your holiday :0)

Sources: http://www.mobilehairdresserwimbledon.co.uk

Rodolfo-Valentin 3 years ago

If you have thick hair witn an strong wave and always goes frizzy then I have the best solution for you. First relax the hair, but not with the bad brazilian, there is the soft japanese thermal relaxer that has proven to be safe over and over again, after a good hair cut and you will be ready to be the best of!

Sources: http://www.hairbeforeafter.com

MissToi 3 years ago

To avoid any chemicals it can be as simple as braiding the hair in 2-4 large braids after shampooing, leaving a little bit of product and/or conditioner in the hair and allowing the hair to dry first before removing the braids. I prefer to sit under the dryer for the complete dry but since you will be on vacation, that might not be possible. The dry process might take a little while so try the braids before bed at night. The braids can also be done dry with a little product to shorten the drying process.

GlowAsYouGo 3 years ago

If your hair is naturally wavy you should just work with it. Try putting your hair in a French plait over night and let it down during the day. And put a good leave in conditioner in it as well. Wavy hair is definitely the beach hair look so its perfect for holidays! :)

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