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Question: What is the best product to reduce large pores on your face?

Asked by Coach-DD 3 years ago

18 answers

The pores on my face are quite large. I would like you to recommend a product or a makeup that helps the skin to look more smooth. Thanks.

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tink10 3 years ago

The pores will need cleansing out to reduce the size then drying up, a mask like Clay will help there or Salicidic acid is good for large pores. do not put moisteriser on the problem are it has enough natural oils dont over treat as that can stimulate oil production too. :-)

Sources: http://youtu.be/U67MXjhJcxo

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makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

Enlarged pores may not always be associated with oily skin. In many cases people have open pores and dry skin which leads me to believe genes may be a factor. It may be hereditary

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AllOverBeauty 3 years ago

It all depends why the pores are large.Is this due to a current over production of sebum,blackheads,etc or something that has occurred over time?If the skin is oily then products with salicylic or glycolic as well as peels will definitely help.If this is a long standing problem and the skin is quite dry then less drying products would be recommended,but you could try a glycolic anti-ageing product such as Dermaquest Glycolic cleanser followed by a non-oily hydrator that will ensure the pores are kept clear,but the skin well nourished.A Pumpkin peel would also be beneficial.
A skin consultation with a therapist would help to identify the best approach.This should be offered free.

Sources: http://www.all-over-beauty.co.uk

MsKris 3 years ago

Clinique just came out with a new product which helps with large pores. They also have a makeup that acts like a filler to blend them in. Check out Clinique's website...

Sources: //http://www.clinique.com/cms/product/franchise/skincare_pores_mpp.tmpl

lirio 3 years ago

A deep cleansing, a good mask and steam will helping you the open pores.
Also you need a good home care products, try this products Avene, Eau Thermale, you can find in Boots.

Sources: http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.co.uk/facial.html

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makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

Love avenue thermal spa water

makeupartistpro1 3 years ago

I also like to use a deep cleansing. Clay mask with kaolin clay and the use of steam to get your pores open The clay will penetrate into the pores in conjunction with the steam. You face will sweat causing you to release toxins and impurities

Also mucrodermabrasion is also a very effective way to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores

bodysilk 3 years ago

Obagi Nu-Derm is probably the best option - it will regulate oil and collagen production and will transform your skin on the cell level. Please, look it up on http://www.bodysilk.co.uk and have a look at the photos before and after. For a routine maintenance, you may opt for Line A products from the Dr Belter range - specifically designed to regulate big pores, oil and acne. Also, you are welcome to pop in for a free consultation - we are based in Central london (Monument or Bank tube stations). Our tel is 02072835800

Sources: http://www.bodysilk.co.uk

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DrAnnaHemming 3 years ago

I would't necessarily jump straight for Nu-Derm. It's great for pigmentation, fine lines and yes if the pores are related to oily skin (which they may not be) the Normal/Oily Nu Derm may work a treat but it is a complex series of prescription only medication for the skin. The 4% Hydroquinone treatment is brilliant on pigmentation and adding tretinoin can help with skin renewal and pores and spots, however the NeoStrata treatments do give good results and clients have responded well to their oil control gel which may be worth looking at.

DrAnnaHemming 3 years ago

There are a number of treatments to treat large pores.

Dermal Roller or micro needling does a great job in stimulating the skin to reduce pore size. 3 treatments 6-8 weeks apart with a home roller would decrease size and tighten the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles too.

Skin peels with salicylic acid or a modified jessner product is also treated in a series of about 6 at monthly intervals to improve skin vitality and poor size.

Skincare with oil treatment gel and glycolic and retinol properties can be used at home between treatments on on their own.

More information can be found on the website below

I hope it helps

Sources: http://www.prostrata.com

Rodolfo-Valentin 3 years ago

Rodolfo Valentin at his Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY is offering the best skin care treatment to help the skinto look more smooth with their Sothys skin care line.

Sources: http://www.best-salon-long-island.com

Hair-Makeup-Amber 3 years ago

Olay Total effects Firming Night Cream! It is the BEST! I am only 31 but it is amazing and I feel like I am looking younger every day. It helps even my tone too because I have acne. Olay is the best!!! :)

Sources: Personal Experience

FacesbyRobin-LE 3 years ago

Begin with a deep cleansing facial from a Skin Care Specialist, followed with extractions of the actual black heads. Your specialist will suggest a home care regime that will help you to reduce or eliminate future black heads. Preferably products that will exfoliate your skin and reduce oil production and cellular debris and/or build-up.

AceYourFace 3 years ago

Hi, DD. I'm going totally organic with my answer. Firstly, you can only reduce the appearance of the size of your pores. The actual size will not change. Try using an oil cleanser, especially if you have oily skin, combined with a brief steam. Use a warm wash cloth to clean off the oil then a gentle toner to close the pores which the steam has opened. This will help to dislodge debris and excess sebum that could be making your pores seem larger than they are. Doing this a few times a week should keep your pores in good shape.

As for makeup, using a silicone-based pore minimizer or foundation primer (Tarte has a silicone-free version), will temporarily fill your pores, giving the appearance of smooth, pore-less skin. You would do this before putting your foundation on.

Sources: http://aceyourface.co.uk/

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

Microdermabrasion is great for reducing pores, and gycolic cleansers / clay masks are also good. You can moisturise the area but use something light like Clarins Hydraquench Cream / Lotion or Dermalogica Active Moist. Good Luck.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

Norah 3 years ago

I use a range called Skin Script which has some lovely options for you. There is a Blemish Control Cleanser with 2% glycolic & 2% salicylic and a Glycolic Cleanser with 17% glycolic. Both of these will provide an even surface exfoliation which will leave the skin noticeably smoother as well as assisting in refining skin texture. After cleansing with one of these there is an exfoliating scrub with jojoba beads, 2% retinol and kojic which will help further to clean and polish the skin and remove debris from the pores. There are also Toning Pads which are really easy to use - one with glycolic and retinol, the other with glycolic and salicylic. You would really notice a difference to your skin using a combination of these. However if you want a more natural & organic solution I would recommend Kimberly Sayers Deep Cleansing French Clay Mask. If you go to my website there is detailed information about each of these products. Let us know what you find that works for you.

Sources: http://www.purefaceworks.com

NikiMakeup 2 years ago

Benefit pore minimiser or Daniel Sandler primer are both excellent for achieving smooth skin, erasing fine lines and open pores. Both are firm staples in my make up artist kit!

Sources: http://www.danielsandler.com

heihelena 2 years ago

I've heard that masking with white egg also can help reduce big pores....

xabaz 2 years ago

use soap and glory's ''no open pores'' heat therapy and get amazed with first use they have another gel for pores in a jar u can search it in Boots ....i swear u would love the result

Sources: personal experience

la-belle-vie 2 years ago

Hi, I do eve Taylor facials, dermalogica as well as organic herbal facials. I have had clients with the same problem and I've been able to help them.


Mobile Beauty Therapist Sugaring Specialist, Experienced & Qualified

I cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & More

The treatments which I provide are . . . .

- Sugaring hair removal
- Waxing
- Brazilian Hot Wax
- Opi gelcolor/axxium manicures/pedicures (last up to 4 weeks chip free).
- Minx Nails
- LVL lashes Lift length volume lashes (last up to 6 weeks).
- Individual lash extensions (lasts up to 4 weeks).
- Eyelash and eyebrow tinting (lasts 4 weeks).
- Facials (Eve Taylor)
- Bridal and any occasion Makeup & Hair (I have a portfolio of work I have done . . . Arab and Asian makeup)
- Airbrush make up coming soon . . .

More services also available, please enquire.

If you would like anymore information on the services I have to offer please contact me.

Sources: http://www.la-belle-vie.co

GlamaGirl 3 years ago

Our blueberry all natural soap will tighten your skin and the oatmeal almond will exfoliate. Please visit our site. RemedyThatOnlline.com

Sources: RemedyThatOnlline.com

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