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Question: I suffer from dry feet and everything else i try, doesn't help how will the fish pedicure help me.

Asked by pinkgirl455 4 years ago

17 answers

i suffer from dry feet which is very uncomfortable and everything i try I.E medication, weekly pedicures and more i would like to if the fish pedicure will work and how it will work .

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HolisticSanctuary 4 years ago

I don't think the Fish Pedicure will solve your problem PinkGirl. You could try some gentle exfoliation to ensure there is no hardened skin, then use a really good moisturising cream or almond oil (as long as you do not have any nut allergy), pop on some cotton socks and leave on overnight so that your body warmth helps the cream / oil pentrate the skin. I think you should look at your diet and lifestyle too, are there other areas that you find you have dry skin? Is your complexion dry? Do you eat the good oily fish, plenty of fruit and veg? Are you on your feet through your job? So many things contribute, so you might find a multi-faceted approach brings the best results.

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Laurie-Ardeman 4 years ago


Have you tried GELUSCIOUS BOOTIES from Jessica nailcare. This is a real treat for DRY skin. Tough cracked and calloused skin disappears and the non-skid surface means the booties can be worn around the house without the risk of slipping. These booties are available in pink and turquoise. The price is £24.95

You can buy these from my online shop http://www.skindeep.eu.com

Laurie Ardeman

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pinkgirl455 4 years ago

noo i havent tried this but thanks i'll be sure to check them out

lirio 4 years ago

Did you try parraffin wax, they are very good, can be hot or cold and mint boots.
I don't know about the fish pedicure, try first parraffin with a beauty therapist.
I do parraffin wax and remove callus from feet.

Sources: http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.co.uk/others.html

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pinkgirl455 4 years ago

well thanks

TaniaChew 4 years ago

Having read all the comments, as a podiatrist I advocate the foot scrub to get rid of dry skin, a chiropody treatment if hard skin is the problem, I also advocate cuticle nail & cuticle cream, paraffin wax therapy on the feet may also help - recommend going to a salon, clinc for this treatment. Also after this treatment to use heel balm, and wearing heel sleeves which have mineral gels inside the heel area. Also if you are wearing sandals all the time - this has a very drying affect on the feet, so please wear shock absorbing footwear. If you like wearing sandals, then perhaps try using flipflops they are good for posture, walking and shock absorbance. visit my website http://www.simplefootsolutions.com and go to cracked heel section this will take you through to a company called coseyfeet and you can then have a look at the heel sleeves or booties - this will give you an insight as to what we are talking about. Also with regard to heel balms and nail/cuticle care CCS and flexitol, Neal Yard's Remedies have good products. Also lots of products can be found at Boots, even the local supermarket toiletry section. Hope all the info is useful and this reiterates what everyone else is saying. I personally dont like the idea of fish nibbling at my feet, and I am not quite sure as to the hygiene of the fish tanks - but cant sure of that.

Sources: http://www.simplefootsolutions.com/foot-problems/cracked-heels.html

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pinkgirl455 4 years ago

thank you very much i will be sure to try this . ut's not just dry feet thats the problem i also have dead skin and hard skin

thenatpedco 4 years ago

If you are yet to find an ideal solution to your problem then it wouldn't hurt to try a fish pedicure. We have many customers with psoriasis who have found it to be helpful. I cannot speak for other fish spas but ours filters the water thoroughly while the uv lighting inside kills bacteria. It is a very relaxing experience for most. Often these conditions are trial and error to find the right treatment - you have been given some great suggestions by other users. I hope u find something that helps you soon!

tink10 4 years ago

The Raffa Gara fish do not actually eat away your dry dead hard skin they suck like hoover, it is very relaxing and most people enjoy the experiance, I do have a great treatment that will easily rid Callus from feet, it costs £35.

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pinkgirl455 4 years ago

were did u get yours done

PParadise 4 years ago

I am not sure if a Fish Pedicure would be right for dry skin as it is more for dead skin that the fish nibble at. I would recommend ethier a thermal mask and heated booties to re-hydrate the skin or Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream on the dry area at night then put socks on, leave over night. It could also be diet related to why you suffer form dry skin. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil is also very good for Dry skin not just for cuticles.

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pinkgirl455 4 years ago

my skin is dead and dry thats what the nail shop said anyways

Poisky 4 years ago

If your unsure, giving the fish pedicure a go wont do any harm! Although some of our clients have the treatment for the therapeutic benefits it gives, many come because they have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions.
The fish will gently lift away any dry/dead skin whilst producing an enzyme which softens the new skin underneath. We have alot of tradesmen use our spa's for their dry hands and they see fab results!
I understand how people are concerned with hygiene issues, but if you find a good, reputable salon their hygiene standards should be spot on and their water should be constantly filtered and sterilized via a UV lamp. Your feet will also be checked for any infections or cuts before using the tanks. You are more likely to catch something from a swimming baths!

Cyndi1101 4 years ago

Hi I have this lotion in my Arbonne wellness, health and beauty company for dry feet. I am allergic to many things but not arbonne. the cooling foot lotion did wonders for my husband you can find it here: https://secure.myarbonne.com/arbonne/teamhope.nsf/p1/1?OpenDocument&shoppingcart=1
the other item that i love and my friends love is the awaken body scrub...it is awesome. https://secure.myarbonne.com/arbonne/teamhope.nsf/p1/1?OpenDocument&shoppingcart=1

hope this helps.

pinkgirl455 4 years ago

Seeing that i have already put up a question about my feet and got so many response and hope to get more !i have deiced to put a question up about hands i have got very long nails and dont want to cut them what should i do? also.what hand cream should i use for dry hands if i do allot of work with my hands

4 years ago

Hello, the fish pedicure is more of a gimmick, I have been told it is relaxing and gets rid of flaky skin cells but not really dry skin. A decent pedicure should do the trick if you find a good pedicure therapist keep her!!

sprout8 4 years ago

Hi Pinkgirl,

Dead and flaky skin around your foot is very common as we do a lot of walking, running, exercising, so the skin are getting dry and flaky, and most of the time we tend to forgotten about it, the longer you left it there the more it will build up and make it harder to rid of. I can suggest to use callus removing called 'callus peel', they are very effected of removing the hard skin. You mentioned that other method does not help at all, I would recommended, to use callus peel. I carried this treatment to my clients and they absolutely loved it, would you like to try it?


Emmastalker68 4 years ago

I wouldn't bother wasting your time with a fish pedicure-they're a gimmick that will die out as soon as people realise the hygiene issues with them.
Callus peel is absolutely fabulous and you get results immediately-we even have chiropodists coming to us for the treatment due to it's fantastic results.
Once you've got rid of any serious hard skin then a good paraffin wax pedicure regularly will rehydrate the skin. Also use a good heel balm and socks - dead sexy but they work!!
So many therapists have issues touching feet that once you get a good pedicure therapist keep going to them.

Sources: http://www.aboveandbeyondtherapy.co.uk

alayne 4 years ago

Try MD Formulations Pedicreme. It contains an exfoliating agent called glycolic acid and it simply melts away the rough, dry skin.

Sources: http://www.permanentbeauty.co.uk

4 years ago

I think fish pedicures are perfect for people in your situation pink girl. Like you I too suffer from dry flaky heels. I used the fish spa's in meadowhall and loved it so much I have bought one for my salon. The fish are attracted the dead skin cells only. The suck gently at the affected area freeing it from loose dead skin. They cause no pain at all and is completely hygienic due to the constant filtration and UV systems in place. I am so confident it will help you I am willing to offer you a complete money back guarentee if you cannot see a difference after just 15 minutes. Check out http://www.gorgeous-tips.com

hojil 1 year ago

You may have more than just dry feet! It could be Psoriasis...

Sources: http://curepsoriasisforever.blogspot.com/

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