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Question: I've let my hair heal and now only the tips are fried. would it be safe to highlight again?

Asked by Nattie 3 years ago

12 answers

I had bleached my hair so much that there was severe breakage near my roots. its grown and the top of my hair seems healthy. Can i go back lighter with highlights?

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Edshairsalon 3 years ago

You should always have a re-hydration treatment following any chemical work on your hair. Given what you have said I would also recommend that you have a keratin cauterisation treatment to fully restore your hair to a healthy condition, including the ends.

Sources: http://www.edshairsalon.co.uk

Other answers (11)

97-15228 3 years ago

Yes you can get highlights.I would use a high lift color instead of bleach until your hair is back to normal, and deep condition at least once a week with a protein conditioner. It would be best not to color your hair at all but if you must I would do it this way.

3 years ago

I would advice you to instead of using bleech u a highlift colour, might be a good idea to have your hair trimmed to get rid of the dry ends. Try on a night if you have time wash your hair as normal and put conditioner on and sleep in it and wash it off the following morning x kirsty

ALLIEshair 3 years ago

yes you should have a keratin treament after the hilights you can see how nice ,shine and healthy will look

ColourQueen55 3 years ago

You could ask your stylist to perform a "Smudge" at the roots if your hair is naturally dark blonde. (not recommended for hair that is level 5 or darker) This treatment lightens the grow out to just blend your previously highlighted hair. Then ask to have a Keratin Glossing (Brazilian Gloss is good) treatment to fill the hair with protein and seal the strands. Trim ends and use color safe shampoos and conditioners such as Alterna Caviar.

Sources: http://www.braziliangloss.com

Rimamari 3 years ago

I would be very careful and only use The ammonia free bleach by L'oreal Professional ,definitely use a reconstructive masque treatment on your ends and a strengthening treatment for your roots and absolutely do not overlap your bleach!!!!!

fantasia 3 years ago

Hi Nattie,
i would recommend a good deep conditioning treatment, a good trim also instead of highlights try a rinse until your hair gets back to health.
Many thanks

JoPartridge55 3 years ago

You can have the Highlights put in again as long as the bleach does not go on the ends. You also need to use good products such as Kerastase to protect your hair during the summer months and keep having the ends trimmed off.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 3 years ago

Use a high lift tint instead of bleach and kerastase hair products are amazing.

Sources: http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

dana4hair 3 years ago

You should continue to treat your hair with professional condition treatments,and as far as getting a touch up, I would really have to look at your hair.

JamesS 3 years ago

Okay. this is what you need to kow. the other advice given is ok, but is very short term. First, having bleach is ok, and is necessary if you want very light bondes, but you need to know that a) cheap peroxide is not being used b) the strength of the peroxide is not too strong (stronger than 30vol is only very rarely needed) and c) that the foils are removed section by section in accordance with their development time - the first section would usually be finished way before the last section so should be washed off way before. Protein is more needed than moisture after highlights as the strength of the hair is compromised, whereas with other colouring producs other than bleach based products more affect moisture levels. that being said, you do also need moisture so i would go for shampoo and conditioner containing lots of moisture with penetrating protein treatment between. If your hair got into that condition before, change your hairdresser. Regardless of all this data, the bottom line is how blond do you want to be? what eefect are you going for?

Rodolfo-Valentin 3 years ago

It is very easy to have damaged hair repaired at any of the Rodolfo Valentin salons,they are the famous hair repair specialist!

Sources: http://www.rodolfovalentin.com

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