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Question: How long should a Shellac gel manicure last? Mine was coming off the next day :(

Asked by  alayne 3 years ago

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 HannahSmith 3 years ago

Shellac lasts UP TO 14 days, although some of my clients can go 3 weeks. As long as they are looked after properly, eg, not used as tools and cuticle oil massaged in daily you should have no problems.

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 KathyBullock 3 years ago

It should last at least a week, but as the other therapist has said, it does vary. I tell my clients ideally 2 weeks sone last 4 weeks but the very minimum is a week. It sounds as if it was not cured properly under the lamp. The salon should re do them for you free of charge, I would call them today!


 Olabecee 3 years ago

I agree with Hannah's comment. It is recommended to have a shellac manicure re done every two weeks but most of my clients gets three or more weeks out of shellac with no chips at all and even longer on toes. Are you sure you really had shellac manicure? The reason is some therapists have been advertising shellac but in reality have been using a cheaper alternative. Could it also be that your cuticles and nail plate was not well clean. Can you give a brief insight on the procedure so we can help. Use of "SOLAR OIL" on the nail plate and around the cuticle twice a day will help.


 B-Dazzle 3 years ago

I agree with the others. I am fully qualified with CND and do the entire range of products including Acrylic's.
The Shellac should last at least 14 days as per guarantee. I have clients who go 3 weeks with no problems at all. Sounds as though the Salon you have gone to either have not cured and applied the product correctly and/or they are not using a CND Lamp to cure the product. Shellac was designed to be be used with specific lamp and must be cured through the base coat, colour and top coat stages correctly otherwise service breakdown will occur.
I am sure if you go back they will redo them free of charge. If not, vote with your feet and try an alternate Salon. Good Luck Lynda.

Sources: http://www.b-dazzle.net


 GemmaTaylor 3 years ago

I agree with what the other posters have said, but if you could give us some more info into what happened the day after we can advise you on what to ay to the salon.

If it was peeling off it sounds like the wrong lamp may've been used. When i invested in Shellac for my business I tested curing it on myself under many different lamp and the only lamp that gave me the 14day wear was the recommended CND lamp.

It is a shame for consumers that some nail techs hae bad practice (not saying yours did as we don't know yet) because it gives the products and us good techs a bad name.

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  Andy13 8 months ago

I had them done Friday. And went swimming Friday night 6 hrs later. Two chipped off the next day and 2 more today the ends were raised and peeled right off.


  Andy13 8 months ago

I had them done Friday. And went swimming Friday night 6 hrs later. Two chipped off the next day and 2 more today the ends were raised and peeled right off.


 lomi-lomi 2 years ago

Shellac was the first hybrid polish, produced by CND, and you can expect manicures to last about two weeks. Some may find that the chip-free finish lasts longer than this, but it’s recommended that you get them removed after 14 days as by this time your own nail will have started to grow out. See Wahanda's full write up of the Shellac manicure treatment.

Sources: http://www.wahanda.com/treatment/two-week-manicure/description/


 Irish1957 2 years ago

I have had two gel manicures and both times they lasted three weeks - but after two my nails had grown out and didn't look so great but they did not chip and the polish was still in great condition.


 Yourbellanails 2 years ago

Shellac should last at least from 10 days up to 2 weeks. Some clients may last up to 3 weeks or even 4 weeks. It is the application technique which ensures the long lasting impact more than just the product itself. The sealing off the free edge when Shellac was applied is the decisive factor making sure Shellac is long lasting on a client. I hope the answer helps

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  beenrippedoff 2 years ago

mine lasted 2 hours, started to come off, complained to the so called 'salon', told me theyd advised me my nails were too short but they went ahead and did it anyway! Asked for a refund and was basically told where I could go! What a waste of 2 hours having crap treatments in a dodgy flat!!!!


 J4yne 2 years ago

I think it depends what you do with your hands use rubber gloves for housework etc however it should last 14 days go back to the salon and complain

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  beenrippedoff 2 years ago

what a joke. You are such a hypocrite Jayne


 la-belle-vie 11 months ago

They should have lasted a minimum of 2 weeks


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