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Question: what is an easy way to apply fake lashes?

Asked by isabellewahanda 4 years ago

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FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

To apply lash strips: Remove one strip, apply temporarily to your eyelid to measure fit. If the strip is too long, then clip off excess length from the outside of the lash. Once the proper fit has been determined/adjusted, apply a thin layer of glue along the base of the lash strip. Apply the glue all the way across the lash. Do not over saturate! Apply/attach the lash from the inside of the eye towards the outside of the eye. Lightly press and hold for approximately 30 seconds or more. Check both ends of the strip to ensure that both ends are securely in place and have not lifted.
Follow the same steps for the second lash strip application.

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AceYourFace 4 years ago

Hi. I find that using tweezers to hood the lashes in the middle (of the hairs, not the band) helps in applying the glue and putting them on. Use a cotton bud to apply the glue to the strip. Then let the glue get a bit tacky before applying lashes at the base of your upper lashline. Use the tweezer to help you place the lash band in the middle of the base of your lashes. This makes it easier to adjust the lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eye. I hope that's helpful.

maggiehill 4 years ago

First put on all your makeup especially your eyeshadow. Use an eyeliner after the eyshadow, use a strip of your favorite eyelash design, I usually cut mine at the ends a bit so they don't look to dramatic...put a clear glue on strip, use a magnifier follow natural eyelash flow and there you have it...I usually add some mascara afterwards to make them look natural..touch up on the eyeliner if need to. Maggie

Sources: Years of using them myself and putting them on other people.

rachstarbeauty 4 years ago

Place your mirror down facing the ceiling and look down into it. You can get a good view of your lash line this way. Once the glue is tacky, gently place the falsie just onto the center of the lash line. Next, gently pull and set the outside end of the falsie onto the outside corner of ur eye. Do the same last with the inner corners, make sure to hold the inner corners in place for a min. The inner corners will be the part to lift thruout the night if I don't set them in place. If this is a little bit tricky for u, try cutting the falsie into 2 halves so you're not working with such a long strip. Hope this helps! :)

VivTilly 4 years ago

There are several types of fake lashes. The method stated below is excellent for strip lashes. Recently individual fake lashes have become popular. These can give a more natural effect or be very dramatic depending on the style selected. For best results these should be applied professionally but they can be purchased for home use. Great care has to be taken as the glue is extremely strong (similar to super glue) and a solvent is required. The individual lashes do not adhere to the skin but to the roots of your own lashes. The lash is held at the end (tweezers is best) and the base of the lash is dipped into the glue to apply a slight covering.The lash is then gently placed amongst the lashes as close to the skin as possible and held in place for a few seconds until the glue takes effect. The amount and placement of lashes depends on the desired effect. This procedure takes a steady hand and a lot of practice to achieve a good result. Unlike strip lashes the individual type can not easily be removed to try again if they are misplaced. This is because of the intensity of the glue.and so the eye area can become sensitive. Again I would recommend it be done professionally at first.

Sources: http://www.viviennetilly.co.uk

NikiMakeup 4 years ago

My Make up artist Top tips!

Apply normal eye make-up ie shadow, liner mascara first.

I would reccommend buying some Duo adhesive available at MAC cosmetics and specialist make up shop Charles Fox, Covent garden. I find the glue in a lot of the lash kits not strong enough to keep the lashes on properly and they start to lift off. This glue however, I have used for years on many clients and never have a problem. Its a very gentle glue as well and suitable for sensitive skin.

Always hold the strip lash roughly in place of where you are going to position it before applying glue as they are more often than not too long and may need the edge simply trimmed off with a small pair of nail scissors so it fits perfectly. Apply glue to the lash strip I usually use the end of a narrow make up brush which can easilly be wiped clean afterwards. Allow the glue to become a little tacky for a few seconds before application this will ensure it sticks well.

Apply the lash looking down slightly but directly into a large mirror, magnifying if possible.
You can use tweezers to hold the lash in the middle as you position it as close to the lash line as possible and then gently move it to set in line with your own lashes. Sometimes on myself I find it easier without tweezers just using my fingers so play around and find what works best for you. Again at this point I will use a clean make up brush with a fine end to gently press down the lash strip to ensure the glue sets well. You can use cotton buds but I sometimes find fine fibres from them and these can get into the eye.

Repeat on the other eye. Now apply a little mascara if you feel it necessary to blend some of your own lashes into the false ones. From experience this is usually more noticeable towards the outer corner of the eye. The important bit is to get right in at the root of the lashes to lift the mascara though your lashes and into the false ones. To finish off at this point I usually add a little more eyeliner gently to the top lash line this will help to further disguise any gaps between your own lashes and the falsies.

Hope this helps!

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