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Massage Therapist/Practitioner

Visited Jan 2013

I had heard mixed things about Solstice but when I had a chance to drop by I was informed they were closing, as in closing the business. I was somewhat disappointed but glanced around all the same. The floor personnel were professional and courteous and the décor was nice. Retail items were nick-knacks, jewelry, and clothing you would expect in a tourist town and most at 75% off. I was tempted to book a massage before they were closed for good just to see what everyone had been so pleased with but I just didn’t get the vibe.

I have not sought nor received services from these offices; however my wife asked that I sit and observe a chiropractic session she had at Kapeikis Chiropractic. While there, the staff was right on the ball. Light refreshment was available in the waiting room and the atmosphere was calm and pleasant. The only problem I had with the facilities was due to a comment my wife made. Evidently the offices had burnt mostly down at some point and that random note rather nervously stuck out to me. That said, my wife commented several times on the relief she felt after her session and she can’t imagine going to anyone else.

Visited Mar 2012

I haven’t had a haircut in years but I sat with my father as the Hair Mechanics tuned his head up. Fun atmosphere! It’s a mix between an old barber’s shop and an old gas station. There are a lot of antique paraphernalia to look at and great people to chat with. And they did a great job keeping my father’s flat backed head round and “normal”.

Visited Jan 2010

I was able to visit the Banya fairly late saturday evening on a spur of the moment idea with 2 friends. The facilities were very clean and professional looking. One of my friends remarked specificly about what a great colour scheme was used. We spent a fun 80 minutes rotating through the various pools, Sauna, and Steamroom. I certainly would enjoy a return visit that would include more time as well as a massage. One aspect I would improve is the change-room/locker-rooms. While the rooms were clean and very well stocked, they were rather small. Had the Banya been at full capacity the change room would deffinatly have been too small for comfort.

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