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Massage Therapist/Practitioner

What colour looks good on me?

Asked by SilverHand 2 years  ago.

I’ve recently begun to practice while barefoot, finding it not just grounding and freeing but also quite helpful in re-evaluating my space and organization. (I.E. Many stubbed toes.) Without completely phasing into a Metro-Male, What nail-polish or other cosmetics beyond the basic pedicure would be advised considering the duration my Clients view my feet? What price ranges is reasonable? My wife talks of Gels, is this something I should concern myself with?

3 answers

How often are needles left in by accident after an acupncture appointment?

Asked by SilverHand 5 years  ago.

I have long hair and usually keep it bound during treatment but was recently asked to loosen it so points along my crown could be reached, later that day I poked myself when brushing my hair and found 1 of the acupuncture needles had been left behind. Does this happen often? Shouldn't they count them on the setting in and then again on taking them out?

1 answer

Rubbed a foot of late?

Asked by SilverHand 5 years  ago.

As Spring approaches I am having more Reflexology appointments than usual. Picking up a tin of foot balm every now and then is no longer cost effective. Are there any recipes for a bees wax/ jojoba oil based Foot Balm ?

2 answers

Gels VS Oils or Creams?

Asked by SilverHand 5 years  ago.

I use mostly oils in my practice but have used creams when a client has expressed a preference, but I've not used any of the newer "gel" consistancies. Any thoughts or preferences?

22 answers

Does anyone know of a yoga position or series of positions that might help?

Asked by SilverHand 5 years  ago.

I have a ganglion cyst directly behind my vastus medialis. Over time it has begun to restrict my ambulatory speed. I have a stretching set given to me by a PT that has shown little results in the last 2 months.

5 answers


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