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Beauty Writer

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I'm a writer from London who loves to write about all things fashion and beauty. I write and talk far too much about the wonders of beauty and skincare products and can't leave the house without at least applying my lip balm and mascara. I love jaffa cakes, chocolate and Ben and Jerry's, which in turn means I also have to love running, spinning and swimming.

I visited here in April to have a cut and colour and was left really disapointed with the whole experience at Michael Barnes. All started off well as I was introduced to my colourist Ailee and Brett, who would be cutting my hair. Had a set of blonde highlights done which were fine but had one of the worst haircuts I have had here. It was rushed and Brett seemed keen to have me finished as soon as possible, I think my cut only lasted about half the time it usually takes. It literally felt like he was hacking at my hair! I specifically said that due to my thick and slightly curly hair it has been difficult to layer it correctly and that I had left places before looking like I had a bob with long bits underneath, as they had not blended the layers properly. In fact, that's exactly how my hair looked the next day, and I've worn it up ever since until it grows out. Will not be going back.

Visited Dec 2009

With the party season in full swing and my hair resembling frizzy mess, I definitely couldn’t put off having my hair for another week. I had booked for a cut with hair stylist Adam and a half head of highlights with the colour technician Claire.

Neither was apparently put off when I showed them the finger in the plug socket look I was currently sporting and Claire got started on my colour. As my appointment was in the afternoon, the salon was quiet and there was only one other client booked in. Claire did my highlights last time I had booked an appointment at HOB, so she already knew the colour to use on my hair and want I wanted.

I was asked if I wanted any drinks whilst my highlights were applied but wasn’t offered any magazines. Adam came over and introduced himself while Claire mixed the colour, talking me through how I wanted it cut and what would suit my thick hair. I was impressed with how genuine and friendly he came across.
The colour looked great and Adam spent a lot of time getting my hair perfect, which makes a change from receiving a rushed cut from a hairdresser who cuts your hair exactly the same as all their other clients.

I usually avoid my local hairdressers in Watford and instead tend to opt for established well known ones in London such as Jo Hansford or John Frieda, as I have found that the standard is higher in London based salons. However, I have to admit that HOB in Bushey is an exception. It is the only salon outside London that I would trust with my hair and one that I would regularly come to. HOB as a chain has a great reputation; I have heard impressive reviews of the Rickmansworth HOB as well.

Claire does a fantastic colour, the girl who washes the hair does a great scalp massage and Adam does one of the best cuts I have had. For £130 for a cut and colour, it’s not cheap but it was worth it. With Claire’s colour and Adam's signature cutting edge technique, I left with a traffic-stopping finish…just a shame it was raining outside!

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Visited Dec 2009

I went to the Celia's spin class on a Monday night with a friend of mine. It's always a good idea to arrive a bit earlier to make sure you have enough time to adjust your seat and get ready.

After a hard day's work it's quite hard to drag yourself to the gym, especially for a class as demanding as spin is. With this in mind, Celia did a fantastic job of waking everybody up with her enthusiasm and encouragement. She made sure that everyone's seat was at the correct height for them and came round to check individuals progress during the class.

The music kept energy levels up, especially at the 15 minute mark when you feel like you're going to fall of the bike with exhaustion. I found that once I was half way through the class, I really started to enjoy it and could have continued when the class was finished after 45 minutes. The only minor complaint I would have is that although the music was brilliant and encouraged everybody to keep their pace up, it was a struggle to hear what gear you should be on. I will definitely be doing this class again.


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