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I am one of the co-founders of Wahanda.
Thanks for visiting the site.

I hope you find exactly what you are looking for, and please if you have any feedback, please send me an email at: hello@wahanda.com

By the way, you can read my business partner Lopo's reviews and see his profile here:

Visited Aug 2011

I have been to this location many times and therapists such as Paul & Pete are fantastic. The therapists at this location seem to also be well versed in Thai Massage as well. For $47 per hour, this is great value, although the suggested tip is $20, so expect to pay around $67. Still a good value.

Wow - this was the absolute best spa experience I have ever had. I signed up for the Romance for Two package which was in a full private suite with a tub. The therapists and treatments were amazing. My therapist Olivia gave the absolute best massage and a phenomenal facial as well. The description of the package is below.
The products used smelled so amazing (a product line called June Jacobs out of NY), and everyone from the check in & check out staff to the therapists were just lovely and super helpful.

The treatment started with a foot cleaning & massage, followed by a body brush exfoliation, a deep tissue massage, a 30 minute relaxing body soak, and then a fantastic facial. What a way to start a vacation. This place is special. Go if you can!!

Romance for Two - Ho'oipoipo
210 minutes

Imagine a dimly lit room with dancing candlelight and soft Hawaiian music drifting in the breeze. Scents or tuber-rose, pikake, and plumeria fill the room to create a soft and tranquil retreat for lovers. Begin your romantic journey with our signature foot rituals complimented with Hawaiian Salts ans essence of Island lotions. Feel the sensual stimulation of our body scrubs, designed to reveal the natural luster and beauty of your skin. Extend your escape with a 90 minute full body massage, using your particular preference of technique. The essential and calming properties of our facial line will enhance your natural glow and leave you replenished and revitalized. Complete your romantic experience with our decadent Hawaiian floral immersions soak with hundreds of flower petals. This three and a half hour experience will ignite the romance in any couple.

Visited Jun 2011

A special experience for sure! I booked myself in for a Signature Turkish Hammam at the newly opened ESPA spa at the Istanbul Edition hotel. The spa itself is on level -5, five floors below the lobby entrance with luxury treatment rooms, wet rooms, a pool and a Turkish hammam as well.

I had the entire treatment in a private hammam suite with a steam room, hammam marble room and private scrub room & table. It was really luxurious and very cool.

The treatment I signed up for was a 60 minute Turkish bath, massage & hammam that starts with an exfoliation & body scrub (after you have warmed up in the private steam room), followed by a full body foam massage with olive oil soap that smells amazing, shampoo & hair mask, and finished with an application of moisturizing body mask of natural honey and milk.

The place is amazing - I wish I had more time before my treatment to use the pool, etc. If you can, definitely go. After the treatment, your skin is really soft and you feel completely clean - almost like a newborn baby. This is a special place

Visited Mar 2011

My friend and I had the Duet Deep Tissue Couples Massage at Miraval recently, and it was just phenomenal. My therapist, Heather, was just amazing. It was the best massage I have ever had and although it last 80 minutes, that was not enough time!

Heather was so amazingly skilled and really hit all the right parts with exactly the right pressure. She spent a lot of time at the beginning asking which areas I wanted addressed, so that was a huge help.

My friend also had a great therapist (i think his name was Wayne) - all of the therapists seem super knowledgeable and appear to have had great training and a lot of time spent with Miraval. The spa itself is very nice, and the locker room facilities are also spot on. If you come here, you have to have the massage...amazing!

Visited Mar 2011

During my 3 day visit at Miraval, I did quite a few activities and also visited the spa. I had to book my services in before I arrived as apparently times get booked up fast. One of the treatments that really intrigued me was a two part facial series called Renew & Restore. I attach the description from Miraval below for your reference, but essentially its a customized facial adapted for your particular skin type & needs.

I had two 50 minute sessions on two separate days, and both facials were divine. The facialist cleansed, exfoliated and performed extractions before using a very light and non-instrusive all natural chemical peel, followed by a masque. The therapists explained everything in detail, and were just phenomenal. While the masque was on, they performed hand, foot and neck massages on me, which were really nice. My skin looked and felt amazing afterwards. These were great facials, using amazing products. I highly recommend this two part treatment!

From the Miraval website
Renew & Restore Facial Series 1 & 2

Renew and Restore your skin's natural luster and youthful vitality with our exclusive corrective facial series. We begin with an in-depth skin analysis where we evaluate the special needs of your skin and discuss your current skincare goals. The first facial in the series includes a micro-exfoliation technology - highly regarded as the ultimate protection against the aging process. Combating free radical damage and eradicating dull skin, this treatment will resurface your skin texture and prepare you for the next step in the series. To complete the series, you will experience a customized facial targeting your primary skincare concern, whether it is firming, brightening, redness or repairing past damage. This treatment is tailored just for you and imparts a "boost" of highly-proven medical grade ingredients to enhance your results, address your individual skin conditions, and provide your skin with what it craves the most. To continue your skincare routine at home, your aesthetician will design a custom skin care program that supports and promotes the intensive renewing and restorative benefits of this facial series.

Visited Jan 2011

Madison Skin & Laser is on the 11th floor of the Madison Medical Center, so the place feels more like a doctor's office than a spa. I had purchased a Microdermabrasion facial treatment on Wahanda and made an appointment for midweek, so I was really looking forward to it.

It actually operates like a doctor's office as you check in at the front desk, fill out a bunch of forms, and then wait to be led to a room (more like a dentist's office now) :-) But the people are super friendly!

My practitioner, a lovely woman named Anita, came in and explained the treatment to me which involves using a diamond tip instrument to exfoliate the skin and also infuse the skin with at least 3 different types of topical treatments. After washing my face, the first microderm treatment involved salicylic acid (i believe that is aspirin), which helps with breakouts. Then Vitamin A & C, and I forget the third one, but the treatment involved using this pen like suction device to suck or exfoliate all over my face. I did not have any redness afterwards, but the treatment does feel like its working - kind of like a cat licking your face...a bit rough, but Anita assured me the exfoliation would do me good!

She then applied a calming mask, let that (and me) sit for 10 minutes, and then after a wipedown, I was all good to go. I was convinced to come back for a facial with her colleague and aesthetician (Jeanne), and so I will be back for that.

Anita was super professional, and amazingly nice. Although the center does not feel like a spa, it does feel like they know what they are doing, and the treatments are effective.

One last note - I tried to leave a tip, but Jose the operations manager told me that since they are more like a doctor's office, no need to tip. Hey, that was nice, but the staff are just great! I look forward to coming back

Fabulous blend of traditional and modern with brilliant food, amazing service and a top class destination hotel spa. The rooms are lovely and I slept really well. The view of the little lake / pond with the trees definitely makes you forget you are only an hour outside of London.

I had a massage at the spa which was top class, and the meals were also lovely.
On top of it all, fantastic showers and amazing sweeping views. We also used the gym which has a great indoor & outdoor fitness areas.

This is a great little secret that I am sure will soon get out.

Visited Dec 2010

I had purchased a Swedish massage with Stone Massage combination for Red and White Spa from Wahanda, and was very much looking forward to the treatment. I was very happy to get a Saturday appointment, and was greeted by the owner when I arrived.

My therapist's name was Iwonka, a very nice Polish woman who gave me a fantastic massage. The pressure was strong and almost a deep tissue (which I liked), but Iwonka checked in regularly to make sure the pressure was customized to my preferences. The hot stone elements of the massage was also excellent, but I wish there were more stones involved, and that more stones were placed at my chakra points (I have only had one stone massage before, and I remember many more stones being placed on various pressure points) . That is my only constructive feedback.

A solid massage, great value at a no-frills place. The treatment room was basic and small, but no complaints for this. I would highly recommend this spa for a great massage.

Visited Nov 2010

I just completed a four week beginner's series in Vinyasa Yoga which met every Saturday morning at 11am. I really liked the place (the actual yoga studio) - its very nice & calm when you walk in, and for the most part I enjoyed the classes. It was super packed the first week (I think they should not let so many people in), but as the weeks wore on, more people dropped out.

Be warned that there is a lot of chanting at the beginning of class. In addition to the typical "Ommm" chants, the teacher busted out an accordion harpsichord thing and would chant and have us repeat it. I didn';t really dig the chanting....but that may just be me.

The yoga itself was great, but i thought the teacher (Jamie) forgot that we were beginners...she started naming the poses by their Sanskrit (i guess) name from the Yoga Sutra...none of us knew what that was. She did not really spend enough time correcting people...I know i was not doing things correctly, so I would have appreciated some tips, corrections, etc. For me, this course was not beginner enough because I would have liked more correcting and 'dumbing' down of more things, but again, could just be me.

I really enjoyed the yoga however, and would recommend this place to people.

A note on the building - although the flag our front is right next to the Supple Spa, the entrance is actually not there...its further up the street towards 6th avenue. You need to buzz in, then take the elevator to the third floor. The yoga studio is all the way at the end of the long hall next to a Weight Watchers.

Visited Sep 2010

This is a nice find! At first I was looking for the salon on the street level on 5th avenue, but it turns out you need to take the elevator to the 10th floor to access the hair salon. The salon itself has a lot of character, cool views and very friendly staff. I also was offered coffee & water during my haircut, which is always nice.

My stylist - Patty - was super nice and did an excellent job. She was very attentive and thoroughly explained the haircut strategy once she listened to me. I would definitely recommend Tosler Davis to friends, and I would definitely go back.


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