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Alison Rowley

Magazine/Online journalist

Name: Alison Rowley
Gender: Female

Alison is the Site Editor at Wahanda and a life-long Londoner. A subject matter magpie and self-confessed make up junkie, if it's new, a little bit different and promises great things, she'll be onto it in a flash.


What's the best way to fade scarring/marks on pale, oily skin?

Asked by   Ali-Rowley 2 years  ago.

I suffer from oily skin and being very pale, blemish marks take ages to disappear. Is there any topical treatment (that will not clog pores or affect oil production) that could help fade them more quickly?

13 answers


Is laser hair removal any more likely to irritate paler skin tones?

Asked by   Ali-Rowley 2 years  ago.

I am very fair skinned, but with mid-brown (rather than the more typical blonde or red) hair. I do not get freckles and find I tan (rather than burn) in all but the fiercest sun. Is there any any chance that laser hair removal may have more of an adverse effect on my skin? I realise the hair shaft is targeted during treatment, but advice about possible irritation to the surrounding skin would be great.

5 answers


What are the best exercises for toning up legs when you have tendency to develop bulkier thighs?

Asked by   Ali-Rowley 2 years  ago.

I played football throughout my teens and so my quads have a tendency to develop and strengthen fairly quickly. Can anyone recommend exercises that (along with cardio) will help tone leg muscles without necessarily building up the thigh area too much?

7 answers


Recently read about scalp exfoliation- are there any benefits or is in-shampoo massage care enough?

Asked by   Ali-Rowley 3 years  ago.

I have oily skin and my scalp is prone to behaving in the same way. Would exfoliation every so often help improve matters or is it likely to make things worse? The article mentioned a shop-bought scrub, but I'd imagine something soluble (such as granulated sugar) could be used too.

4 answers


What's the best (foolproof) fake tan for VERY pale skin? I have found gradual moisturisers too oily!

Asked by   Ali-Rowley 3 years  ago.

Can anyone recommend a treatment or product that won't turn me orange or make me break out and (if self-tan) is nice and easy to apply?


18 answers

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