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West London Colonics
West London Colonics
12 Mowbray Gardens,,
Ealing Road,, Northolt, UB5 6AE
United Kingdom

Wellness Centre

West London Colonics
12 Mowbray Gardens,,
Ealing Road,, Northolt, UB5 6AE
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Mon 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Tue 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wed 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thur 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
Sun 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
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West London Colonics


Available to be booked until 12th April only (and taken by End April)

Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Easter Holiday break from Julia Rhodes at West London Colonics

The clocks have moved back; Spring is in the air, Keep your motivation & action for healthful change on the up & up by taking advantage of out Easter offer. Its only open for a limited period so act quickly to take advantage of it.

Why not use the change of season as motivation to re-set your body to a higher standard of energy? Make the most of your Resolve & Resolutions ....

Why not Set up to have a Colonic ?

At West London Colonics ( www.westlondoncolonics.com ) we offer a modern, professional approach to one of the most ancient holistic health practices, combining state of the art technology with the natural cleansing process to help you achieve optimum wellbeing.

After all, as the Naturopathic Doctor, Gloria Gilbere, has said:

"The road to health is paved with good intestines."

If you are a prospective client looking at this page we imagine you have done your research, and know something about the theory of colon hydrotherapy.The immediate question you may want answered now is: Why should you trust your colon to West London Colonics, rather than another clinic?

We have our own ideas about this, however it’s much better to let our clients speak for us………

What our clients have said

At last count we had 92 feedback comments (mostly on this site, although 2 of them are not on Wahanda; and 6- that of Alison,Claire, Ang-Ang , LIq , Hannah & Barbara- are posted in this narrative section ).

This is a sufficient number to allow prospective clients to get a representative sense of our service ethos. Some stats: 53 of these reviews were posted in the last 12 months. 69 reviews are Five star reviews ; 19 are Four star, and 5 are Three star or lower. We now average around 4 client reviews a month. Fully 11 % of our total client base (of approx 850) have posted reviews.( In the past 12 months, our reviewer rate was 15%). Also, unlike the reviews you will see for some other clinics, ALL client reviews for WLC relate solely to colon hydrotherapy services. If that's what you are looking for, then these reviews are 100% relevant .

[If you do look at the detailed reviews, and we hope you do, we apologise for one glitch . Some of my (Julias ) 'comments' have been duplicated numerous times, in error, for some of the earlier reviews. Unfortunately, editing fuctions are disabled once the item is sent, and we are unable to undo them. If you only view the more recent reviews this will not be an issue for you.

If reading reviews in detail is not for you, then you may like that we have paraphrased the gist of some of the detailed client feedback. You can then decide if you want to read it in full.

Note ,In some cases we have cited the review in full.

Paraphrased feedback

e mail from client 1/1/15: (Quoted in full):

"Hi Julia, Warm wishes for 2015. Before coming to you I had never experienced a colonics so had no expectations but I have been so impressed by the experience and definitely had noticed the difference in my well being, bowel movements and generally feel so much better. Thank you. See you soon. Regards," Barbara, first visit June 2014 - multiple visits ongoing client

e mail from client 12/12/14: (Quoted in full): "Hi Julia, Thank you for the email. I will keep these in mind. I think I might consider further treatment again next year sometime. I'm just a little busy at present with Xmas and house hunting. Hopefully things will settle down in 2015. I definitely felt the benefits from the session that I had. Charlie also feels the same way. Have a great Xmas and New Year". Hannah ; visited Sept 2014

e mail from client 1/9/14:(Quoted in full):"Thanks for your message. You are an excellent therapist but I just find those machines fill me with gas and I don't get a thorough colonic. I prefer open systems or gravity systems that are on the wall. Thanks though."- Claire ( visited 2013)

e mail from client 25/8/14: ( Quoted in full)" I have received your email and I'm sorry for not responding. I do not have a PC.I also have forgotten my sign in email for wahanda. I have a few email account and I tried to find my password but none if the emails I register with wahada are coming up registered. So I am writing my review here (below).

Directly quoted Review of WLC': "The place is quite small, comfortable though. I hadn't tried any thing like colonic irrigation before so I was very nervous as it was my first time. I had read a lot so my expectations were high. I don't feel anything happened during the session. I don't feel I benefitted much from it after either. So I felt I had wasted my money.Julia was nice and gave me an intro to how the colonic irrigation works. I do hope to do it once more in the future sometime just to see if it's any different to my first experience. I read a lot of post with positive feedback so I'm not sure where I had gone wrong'." - L.Iq , visited July 2014

E mail from client 30-6-14 /1-7-14:

Dear julia, I have just spent over an hour trying over and over at least 10 times to register (on Wahanda), log in without success. I just can't deal with these passwords, etc. I'm totally stressed out and have given up, so am sending you my review via email separately. I think the problem is more to do with me and computers not getting on - rather than the site
You have my permission to post my review anonymously -without my details. :Ang-Ang (not real name)

Directly quoted Review of WLC: "I discovered Andreas Moritz's ener-chi.com web-site where he describes a holistic approach to taking responsibility for one s health, and in particular - the AMAZING LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH -which has to be done in conjunction with colonics before and after each flush. After some research I found the WLC reviews from clients very helpful in making my choice of clinic and I liked the way Julia took the time to respond to every reviewer. I was nervous about having the colonics but Julia was reassuring and her warm, positive personality put me at ease. After the initial appointment she recommended a course of 10 sessions. She is very professional and takes pride and care in what she does and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to do colon hydrotherapy." Ang-Ang (not real name); Multiple visits April- July 2014 (continuing client)

Paraphrased: A newbie to Colonics, decided to trial West London Colonics based on previous client reviews. Booked a treatment at short notice. About Julia: she put me at my ease straightaway, explaining the whole procedure stage by stage. I felt totally comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. Benefit? After my session I definitely felt a difference and cleansed. Next step: will be booking a series of treatments to improve my well being for the future. Funkylady789, visited June 2014

Paraphrased : Regular visitor to WLC , since around June 2013. Reason for doing so? Bad IBS flare ups. Main problem is constipation and bloating with pain. About the treatments: Always delivered in a professional but caring way; a calm &understanding place to help my health issues About Julia: proactive advice with excellent ideas to improve my symptoms. “... I have been helped so much, …highly recommend West London Colonics to all fellow IBS sufferers, give it a try, you won' t be disappointed.” Ms A Stone, Review originally posted on WLCs FreeIndex page, June 2014 http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(west-london-colonics)_583694.html

Actual client quote:“ I had wanted to try hydrocolonic therapy for years so finally I did my research and found Julia at West London Colonic. When I first went for a treatment I was very nervous and unsure but I straight away felt relaxed as Julia is very friendly and trustworthy person and has great passion for her job.The treatment room was warm and cosy with relaxing music in the background. I felt I was in good hands all the time. I highly recommend WLC services. Thank you Julia” solla80; visited June 2014

Actual client quote:”My aim was and still is to get my body into balance, years of nutritional starvation, sleep deprivation, stress, emotional and physical abuse and everything else that goes with having fun in your youth started to take its toll on me in my early 30's, the importance of the Liver and Colon only came to my attention 2 years ago after reading several books. It all was leading to one thing, Colonics was the way forward, a very natural yet effective treatment which was quite common before the use of modern day antibiotics, I wanted to go back to basics, Julia listens to you, works with you on your goals, offers suggestions, advice and appointments at times to suit, the whole experience is pleasant, and I feel it's an integral part of achieving any health and fitness goal.:" back2basics; visited Dec2012 -last visit June2014 continuing client

Actual client quote: "I have been going to West London Colonics for about a year now following bad IBS flare ups. The treatments are always delivered in a professional but caring way. My main problem is constipation and bloating with pain. I have been helped so much, WLC gives me a calm and understanding place to help my health issues. Julia is proactive in offering me advice with excellent ideas to improve my symptoms. I highly recommend West London Colonics to all fellow IBS sufferers, give it a try, you won' t be disappointed" .Ms A Stone, Review originally posted on WLCs FreeIndex page, June 2014 http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(west-london-colonics)_583694.htm

Actual client quote: “As this was my first time, I felt very supported and in very good hands. Thank you Julia. I would definitely recommend this to a friend - in fact I already have! ;o)” Cheryl33; Visited April 2014 reviewed May2014

Paraphrased:I was a first timer to colonics, apprehensive, hesitant, somewhat influenced by negative comments about the procedure I had read BUT wanted to Judge the experience for myself. About Julia: I knew straight away I was in good hands, when she called me post-booking, with treatment particulars, very knowledgeable, and such a calming voice. About the Treatment: it is conducted in a purpose built area and felt like I was in a spa, very professional. It was relaxing, soothing and a great experience. So very different from my fears of embarrassment. I've already booked my next appointment and am looking forward to it so much! Book one now! - Mandykk; Visited April 2014

Paraphrased:First time colonics treatment, for me and my friend (we booked the couples deal ). About Julia: Exemplary communication before, during and after the appointment. She made treatment as relaxed and pleasant as she could. Making the appointment was very easy ,Julia was flexible with times and dates. My friend commends Julia's lovely nature and how she made you feel at ease during the treatment. After the treatment she said she felt really good, very light and better. About location: Nice, in a purpose built therapy room behind a residential bungalow in a quiet cul-de-sac with some lovely local greenery. Plenty of off-street parking; felt quite safe. It is not a reflection on Julia/West London Colonic, however the actual colonic proved a stressful event for me, although my friend found the treatment really good and her experience was a lot more of a positive experience than mine. I have made some suggestions for WLC to consider based on my experience. Whilst I'm not going to have this treatment again, my friend liked the treatment and might do this again. -freddy1978; visited March 2014

Paraphrased:I visited the clinic recently, it is in a strange location, ( a separate facility at the back of a bungalow) but very nice and relaxing. I was very satisfied with the treatment and service, my only comment is I had all the additional extras, herbs, stomach massage etc so it worked out quite expensive, but well worth it. Anonymous, visited March 2014

Paraphrased: Seconding the majority of other reviews: Julia really does makes you feel at ease pre and during treatment - I was pleased with the colonic and would recommend to anyone to try a colonic at West London colonics. I had a really good experience at West London Colonics. Not having had this treatment before I was a little anxious however all of Julia's helpful information prior to the treatment was great and she made me feel very calm and relaxed during the treatment. I didn't feel too different after the session but Julia did say you sometimes need to build up the treatments. I would recommend a trip to West London Colonics

- samanthaaethorne, visited Feb 2014( posted review March 2014)

Paraphrased:My first colonics experience- really happy with all of it. Julia: welcoming & friendly; put me at ease. Clinic: warm, clean & very modern. Plenty of relevant info provided, on the phone and by e-mail, before treatment & after. It helped speaking with Julia on the phone before my treatment. Nice tiredness let me sleep well- noticed boost in energy thereafter. I found helpful: Information. Probiotics, Pre session massage, in–session herbs. Definitely recommend WLC. Lizzie1987, visited March 2014

A ‘wonderful experience’. (If driving, watch out for wrong instructions from the Satnav.) I ‘can’t wait for my next visit’. Found the earlier reviewers comments were ‘spot on and Julia is great’.Felt ‘very comfortable’, Julia gave ‘valuable aftercare advice’-' Lom004; 'Visited March 2014

paraphrased:My first colonic to support general detoxication to kick start healthier more mindful life. Other reviewers’ comments about Julia and her clinic are ‘true- relaxing atmosphere, professional treatment. I am a man and didn't feel uncomfortable at all.’ Amazing feeling post -colonic. Will definitely have more treatments. - ronin; Visited March 2014

Paraphrased:Centre is a specially built space in a residential garden. It is very clean and tidy, fully equipped.Julia is knowledgeable, professional very calming, easy to talk to. I got the stomach massage first, so relaxing, I was so much at ease I nearly fell asleep! Calming music in the background too. Colonic feels a bit strange at first but you get used to it and Julia was reassuring in her explanations. Session lasted 45mins / 1 hour. Felt amazingly full of energy straight afterwards. Yes, I did get tired about an hour afterwards and had a really good nights sleep. When I booked, Julia was very clear about the costs of the massage, colonic, herbs and probiotics so I knew upfront what the exact cost would be in advance (to take up any additional services). This information is also on the website. Easy and pleasant to deal with Julia at WLC; will definitively be repeating :) - eleda79; visited March 2014

Paraphrased:Both Colonics & Julia are brilliant. Julia is: Welcoming, professional and experienced, trustworthy, knowledgeable, appropriately conversational, cheerleader for my colon, generous spirited. This review is after having had 9 visits (though WLC is miles away from me). “Clinic is always warm, spotlessly clean and filled with relaxing music. ”Benefits? “Regular colonics definitely helped regulate my digestive system and I really do leave each time feeling lighter, freer and grateful….What’s not to like?! Book yourself in now, you’ll be in for a treat.” angel-a; 'Visited March 2014

Paraphrased: Report on my first ever-colonic hydrotherapy session:' I had it with West London Colonics …I am ‘now officially hooked!’ From booking an appointment right through to post treatment WLC ‘customer service and professionalism has been impressive’ … highly recommend them.

About Julias’ approach:' Julia did everything she could to ensure to target my session to best help me overcome the issues I face based on a real consideration of my past (medical history.

My experience and results:' While the session was mildly uncomfortable at times (given my severe constipation), results have been unbelievably positive… ‘Instantly felt lighter, more energetic and generally happier all over’. Experienced bounce- out -of bed energy levels next day… much reduced stomachaches after eating meals and reduction in constipation….

Further plans:' Intend to have further sessions to further enhance the benefits I experienced of my first session.

-Crystal90; visited Feb 2014

Paraphrased: My backstory:' At the beginning of Jan 2014 I started a ‘homegrown’ detox with herbs for recurrent eczema condition (‘skin is irritated as the body struggles to clear out toxins normally and comes through the skin)’. My "Detox" plan incorporates lifestyle & dietary changes. 'Colonic treatment:' Decided to incorporate colonics into my plan, initially intending to do just one colonic. However, based on results I have signed up to a course of 3 in addition to the first session. Julia is very professional and good with calming any anxieties. Can’t say its a comfortable experience, but ‘its all fine’ in the context of the treatment. Very informative. ‘I'm amazed at what your stools can reveal about the quality of your health … Do give it (colonics) a try... I guarantee you'll be in good hands with Julia’. Continuing positive changes:' I find myself generally more concerned with what I'm eating and water intake, (I now ‘drink around 2 litres of water daily (normally my liquid intake would be in the form of coffee and alcohol)’.

'About my skin:' ‘…the problem persists but I'm only 3 weeks in. Am confident I'm on the right track … - iPood, Visited Jan 2014

Paraphrased: “After comparing colon hydrotherapy reviews for WLC with that of other clinics, I booked with WLC. After 2 sessions with Julia, I say this: ‘If anyone is contemplating '(colonics) go for it, you wouldn’t be disappointed with Julia’'. She is ‘calm, friendly, reassuring gentle’, a trustworthy guide to have by ones side.'I topped up the basic introductory session with herbs, and a massage –it was worthwhile & ‘lovely‘.”

-cutiepie79, visited Dec 2013 & Jan 2014

Paraphrased: My first ever colonic was with WLC. Pleasantly surprised by it all. A very good experience: Julia was lovely and reassuring, giving clear explanations before, during, after treatment. The clinic is confidence-boostingly clean. 'So very pleased with the aftercare advice and whole process that I booked and paid for follow up session, there and then. I highly recommend West London Colonics to anyone.” AmyBumstead, first visit Oct 2013

Paraphrased:“My boyfriend and I visited WLC to kick start 2014. Julia was thorough & attentive, finding out about our health goals, tailoring the treatment for each of us. Clinic setting and ambience? Perfect, secluded, privacy guaranteed; spotless inside, scented with essential oils. Painless, comfortable treatment. Post-colonic: Definite improvements to our systems, even from just the one treatment. Personalised aftercare suggestions made, and followed up with emails. Will revisit for further treatments”. Anonymous, visited Jan 2014

Paraphrased:“ Have been having monthly treatments with Julia at WLC since July 2013 for colonic. I have these adjectives to describe her: incredibly friendly, discreet, professional, caring, efficient reassuring …I am a convert and advocate for the benefits of colon hydrotherapy from both remedial and preventative point of view… thoroughly recommend you try out coffee enemas in conjunction with colonics … do visit Julia at WLC” S3238D; visited multiple visits July2013 to January 2014

Paraphrased:“I was able to book online for a short notice next day appointment. Julia is friendly & warm yet professional… she knows what she is doing ; the treatment is pleasant… I had some small niggles, however they might not be an issue for others. As someone trying out colonics for the first time, I give WLC an overall rating of 3 or 4”- AnneCooper, visited Jan2014

Paraphrased:“Julia is a polite and knowledgeable professional who put me at my ease. I was thoroughly satisfied with the treatment I received, which I thought was excellent value for money. Elena”Helen888; visited October 2013

Paraphrased:“ Several sessions with WLC… really satisfied with everything…. Julia is very courteous & professional… she takes time to explain…allaying any possible embarrassment… the procedure has ‘woken up’ my digestive system…I recommend it”. ecg80, multiple visits July 2012- Dec 2013

Paraphrased:“Julia goes the extra mile; ongoing treatment package prices are good value; well structured approach to treatment; I was put at ease…. with good level of explanations from Julia….who was patient and empathetic throughout; I felt reconnected with my body...' felt fresher, lighter and with renewed zest for life …I have booked further sessions” DaynaJoy; visited Dec 2013

Paraphrased:“Had a really relaxing and pleasant first experience thanks to Julia, everything is really friendly yet professional and I am definitely going back!” kirstyjj; visited Dec 2013

Paraphrased:“… A great place… my first-timer anxieties allayed…felt welcomed; clean and comprehensive provision; feeling better and better with series; definitely continuing … wholeheartedly recommended.” dooli1981; Dec 2013

Paraphrased:"Colon hydrotherapy is like the unfolding of a mystery novel… in the hands of a masterful practitioner ... the bad guys can be brought to justice...”Sharen, visited Nov 2013

Paraphrased:“Julia at WLC is now my go-to lady for my digestive system...clinic delivers on the fundamentals cleanliness and safety, privacy, well maintained equipment, value for money, commitment to ongoing clients, competence, highly recommended "

-montgomery, visited Nov 2013

Paraphrased:“Try WLC out if what’s important to you is: service not luxury, substance not style, strategic approach to health not tactical, locational advantage, deep expertise in colon hydrotherapy,” livinghealth, visited Nov 2013

Paraphrased:"Kindly reassurance, together with competence backed by knowledge"

-Brigitaine, Visited May 2013

Paraphrased:"Nice, professional treatments; Julia allayed my fears, ...and I always feel great afterwards" Sonik, visited January 2013

Paraphrased:"Friendly, informative, comfortable ...compares favorably with colon therapy experience with others" Vodie, visited January 2013

Paraphrased:" First timer to colonics, felt great after; appreciated flexible approach of therapist"

QianShi, visited December 2012

Paraphrased:"In happy contrast to my first experience (at another clinic), Julia’s' professionalism, empathy as well as ambience of clinic made me feel very comfortable" -Visited Oct 2012

Paraphrased:"Its worth it, fantastic results ... feel great; already telling my friends about it... so incredible" Sorayat, visited Sep 2012

"No rushing, no pushing; totally refreshed, no bloating" Yvonne, visited May 2012

Paraphrased:"First time with colonics; put at ease, fantastic enjoyable experience, Julia is very knowledgeable; bought a series of treatments with great results, confirmed by feedback from friends. Well worth it” PeggySue, visited May 2012


Enough information to make your booking? Great. I look forward to serving you. However, If you have read up to this point - and are wavering… Read on. You may feel strongly, intuitively that colonics are right for you, that they might work for you. But a part of you may be fearful as well– your imagination may be working at high speed (and most probably quite wrongly) about what the procedure entails. Don’t let your fears override your intuitions. A good principle in life– never mind this particular situation– is let nothing interfere with taking immediate action. Making a change that might fundamentally shift things for the better warrants no delay. Things won’t improve whilst you wait. Don’t make doing nothing an option. Really. It’s not a good one. Take some simple action at any rate.

  • Why not phone me to talk things through
  • Or e -mail me.
  • Or go to WLC website and look at the articles/ info pieces we have posted there. Get informed about the colonics point of view.
  • www.westlondoncolonics.com
  • http://www.westlondoncolonics.com/articles_info2.html
  • Dont postpone your action decision.If you say “ I will come back to this”, the sad reality is you may never do so. Take the action now so you can make an informed choice rather than a default decision based on fears not confronted. As the incomparable Susan Jeffers put it: (By all means)“ Feel the fear- and do it anyway” Most newbies to Colonics, after they have their first session with me, say “You know what, I wish I had done this a lot earlier!”


(By the way he is a an advocate of colonics.) “If you look at what holds people back from expanding and deepening the quality of their lives, what prevents them from taking the actions that are necessary to transform their body, relationships, career, business : invariably, it’s fear – of failure, of success, of rejection, of pain and of the unknown.” -Tony Robbins


As at Sept 2014, West London Colonics are amongst the top rated facilty listed on Wahanda for price & popularity for colon hydrotherapy services. No other listed colonics clinic has as many reviews relating solely to the colonics service. We have an averaged 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on 70 reviews, but more to the point we have an engaged clientele of reviewers, who care about giving high quality feedback to prospective users.


Would you like to view case studies and other stuff that gives you more insight as to what WLC are about? Visit these links:

Our cylex articles page: http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/company-news/west-london-colonics_23603839.html#articles

Our website: www.westlondoncolonic.com

Our e- mail: info@westlondoncolonics.com

See Julia Rhodes profile on Wahanda http://www.wahanda.com/pro/westlondoncolonics/details/ See my blog on Wahanda: http://www.wahanda.com/blog/call-on-health/

See also my answers to questions on the Wahanda community pages on links below:






Where else can you see what WLC are up to? How about Twitter @WLColonics And Face book https://www.facebook.com/WestLondonColonics

We are pretty active on both.

West London Colonics wish you exuberant aliveness, vital vibrance, optimally balanced health and wellbeing.

If the Stomach is strong, life will be healthy; if the stomach is weak, life will be unhealthy.”'- Yu Jia Yan

“For everyone – everybody – should take an internal bath occasionally as well as an external one. They would all be better off if they would.” - 'Edgar Cayce, “The Sleeping Psychic”

About professional association: ARCH and CNHC

The Association & Register of Colonic Hydrotherapists (ARCH) is the best established colonic association in Europe and has the largest number of members. I am a member in good standing. It’s generally acknowledged that it sets the bar in terms of standards and is the leading & authoritative voice for the profession in the UK.

Users of colon hydrotherapy services provided by ARCH members have the reassurance of knowing that their therapist must have been trained as either a medical doctor, nurse or has had 2 years in a substantial complementary therapy (in addition to their training as a colon hydro therapy in an approved school) before they qualify for membership.

ARCH has always been at the forefront of progress in the profession and has pushed for links with other related bodies.

For instance it became a member of the General Naturopathic Council (GNC) in 2004. All ARCH members are Naturopathic Colonic Hydrotherapists.

ARCH are also associated with the IBS network. http://www.theibsnetwork.org/

I am also voluntarily a personal member of CNHC. CNHC is a government funded body which exists to offer public accountability of the complementary therapists that it registers. You can find me on http://www.cnhcregister.org.uk/newsearch/index.cfm

See more
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Verified review Visited February 2015
Posted 5 days ago
Last Saturday I had my 3rd treatment with Julia (I bought 5 treatments in total), and I have to stay I'm really pleased with the results as the experience itself. After each treatment, I feel more energised, I sleep much better, I feel less bloated and lighter...
Colonics can be quiet daunting, but with Julia, it feels like a walk in the park. Each treatment comes with a relaxing music and plenty of advices and tips on how to improve your digestive systems and which kind of foods to avoid.
Also, the place is spotless, always very warm and just few minutes walk from Northolt tube station.
Thank you Julia for your kindness, your professionalism and also for contributing in my wellbeing.
See you soon

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Verified review Visited March 2015
Posted 1 week ago
After reading reviews on WLC for the past couple of months I finally plucked up the courage to attend and fuelled on by the fact that someone I had told recommended to WLC had booked an appointment before me, lol. That said I turned up last weekend for my 1st colonic, a little anxious as to what I had let myself in for. I gave myself enough time to get there all relaxed and ready, directions to the clinic were spot on! I was totally put at ease by Julia’s warm welcome and professional attitude. Julia explained the process and at every step of the treatment went into detail about what she was doing and what I should expect. I had the abdominal massage which further relaxed me. I eat well and exercise regularly so wanted to look after the “inside” so watching the toxins flow away felt quite cathartic,
After the treatment, Julia gave me advice about what changes I should make in my diet, as well as suggesting I take probiotics to introduce the good bacteria back into my colon. I left there feeling like I had just run a marathon, in a good way! I would definitely recommend and have booked another session for 4 weeks’ time. Thanks Julia

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Posted 2 weeks ago
For my 1st colonic I had an excellent experience at WLC, Julia was lovely and made me feel at ease from the moment I got there, it was especially nice that the appointment did not feel rushed. I had the abdominal massage before my colonic, the massage was nice and I chose it specifically as I was very constipated and thought it would help ease this, I probably would not have it again only because the purpose of it is for relaxation and I felt pretty relaxed once I had got there anyway and of course it costs extra. My treatment also included the enema herbs, I am not sure whether these made a difference to my session but I trusted Julia's professional judgement that they would benefit me. I will 100% be visiting WLC again but probably just for the basic treatment next time as the extras added up and I am very cost conscious (which is the main reason I haven't been back already). Saying that, WLC was one of the cheapest I could find using their introductory offer and the service exceeded my expectations for the price. Thanks Julia!

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2 weeks ago
Dear Stephlou,
Thanks for the review.
It hits the spot in terms of giving folk thinking of having this treatment useful information to inform their decision-making…
I am delighted that you will definitely be returning for further treatments, and would note that our package deals for follow up treatments are exceptionally good value.
You can pick up 10 sessions (each for one hour) for £500 ( and get 2 complimentary implant sessions to boot ) . Even if the 10 sessions are paid on a session by session basis ( payment terms on website), the overall payment only works out to £560.
There are package deals for fewer sessions ,( i.e. 5 & 3 ), which are also great value.
So for tight budgets its worth thinking through how to plan to take advantage of these deals.
I work hard to help clients in this respect, to try and ensure specialist health related options in terms of colonics are within the reach of all who are committed to reaching for optimal health & well being .
Best Julia

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Verified review Visited March 2015
Posted 3 weeks ago
It was my first colonic hydrotherapy, and I found Julia was very reassuring and very professional.I found the experience beneficial but I thought that £40 extra for the massage was a bit too pricey, so in total I paid £95.

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2 weeks ago
In clarification I have responded to the reviewer as follows:
"Dear B…,
I really appreciate you taking the time out to post a review.
I thought I should clarify the basis of the £40 charge, as it does not relate solely to the massage.
The special offer price of £55 isn't open for short notice bookings (i.e. less than 48hrs from booking time.)
Also the £55 doesn't include the £10 charge for the in-session herbs when used.
So you paid the standard fee (£95) for a initial session -which entitled you to the massage and the in session herbs, and also allowed you have the session at short notice , earlier than your original booked session.
We have some very attractively priced deals for follow-up packages , so I do hope you will consider coming back to us, should a course of colonics be on your radar. (extract from web site attached).
Thanks again for the feedback, and for giving me an opportunity to clarify.
Warm Regards

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2 weeks ago
The client very graciously sent me this e mail :
"Dear Julia,
Thanks for explaining about the £40. I missed understood the message when I brought the appointment forward.
Looking forward to seeing you at my next appointment…"

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Verified review Visited February 2015
Posted 1 month ago
A very pleasant experience, my first and not my last I have book three more treatments. at West London Colonics.

I would recommend the abdominal massage to everyone, it really relaxed me before the colonic irrigation.

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1 week ago
Ruth booked our D1 detox package ( 3 colonics), and is thinking of moving on to the D2 package next ( 5 sessions , incl one complimentary implant ).
Her first 2 treatments were within a week of each other , however her system has responded so well that the 3rd will be undertaken after 3 1/2 weeks. ( The interval between treatments is determined by how quickly the eliminative system responds).

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Verified review Visited February 2015
Posted 1 month ago
Julia was lovely! It was my first time having Colon Hydrotherapy today and was a lot more relaxed and comfortable than I'd first imagined. Cozy bathroom too! =)

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Verified review Visited January 2015
Posted 1 month ago
I had a treatment and have awarded it two stars. I had a treatment and have awarded it two stars.

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1 month ago
Every client review and rating has a story associated with it, and is wholly understandable in context.
This client review is short on detail, so I have checked out the context , primarily to establish what if anything I could learn from it.
The client arrived late for the appointment ( her first colonic too) and whilst she had a quite reasonable result from the treatment, obviously it impacted on her subjective experience.
She did not however express any dissatisfaction at the time.
I do try and reduce pre-session stress factors by giving clear travel instructions, pre session preparation , mobile phone contact details, journey planner instructions on the web site ( which is also mobile ph enabled).

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Verified review Visited February 2015
Posted 1 month ago
I had a colonic yesterday with West London Colonic, it was my first experience, and to be honest I was a bit nervous, but after meeting Julia all of my worries went away. I had previously emailed her back the completed health questionnaire, which meant that our consultation was not as long therefor allowing more treatment time, which is a bonus. Julia explained everything, in detail and was very professional and friendly. At different points she explained what was happening to the colon and provided lots of interesting information. Julia's main objective was that I should be comfortable, which was reassuring, and meant that I had some control with this treatment. The premises are purpose built, and very clean and comfortable, the treatment room also had a bathroom which you need immediately after the treatment, which was reassuring!! After the treatment, Julia gives advice about what changes in your diet might be helpful in regards to digestion, and she provides water and a couple of probiotics to help you on your way. It was a different experience and one I will definitely have again. Look forward to seeing you again soon, Julia. Many Thanks.

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Posted 1 month ago
Pleasantly surprised!!! I came for a Colonic Hydrotherapy session. Julia is very welcoming & friendly and her little 'room' at the bottom of her garden is rather charming. You don't have the feeling that you're in some formal clinic, with a receptionist and a waiting area!! She appears to know her stuff (which helps!) & explains the procedure from start to finish. Whilst some may find it unappealing to actually see the 'bad stuff' that comes out of your body, I found it therapeutic as I felt the toxins flush away!! I am a petite 42yr & my weight for years has been around 7st 3. Over the past year or so, i have felt bloated and seen my weight rise to around the 7st 5 mark. Not alot some of you may think but for my build it is and i can feel it!!
I am not 'regular' in my bathroom activites, even though i have a healthy, blanced diet. I walk alot, gave up meat nearly 3yrs ago (because its cruel) & am generally active. As this has always been a bit of a problem, i have had one or two colonics several years ago. I knew it was time for another... I scoured the internet for deals as the sessions can be costly. I came across West London Colonics and called her straight away as i had a free day. Fortunately for me she could fit me in the next moring & she offered an attractive intro offer... I read her reviews and felt it was worth a go - and it was!!! To my delight, since the session almost 3wks ago my weight is back to 7st 3.5, I have been taking Probiotic pills three times a day also & have been going more or less to the loo every morning. Such a relief!! I will be going back for another session just to sustain this. If your'e thinking of going, do it. I actually enjoyed it, especially now the results are so positive... Good luck!!!

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Verified review Visited December 2012
Posted 2 months ago
I first visited West London Colonics in December 2012 when the practice was based in Alperton and have continued as a client after the relocation to new premises in Northolt because the service is outstanding! My most recent treatment was yesterday as I wanted to kick start a healthy living regime and undo some of the excesses of the Christmas period and a stressful few months at work.

Julia is a wonderful practioner, she always puts me at ease at all stages of the treatment and is happy to answer any questions about the treatment and ways that I can improve my health and support the goals of the treatment. I am always exceptionally happy with the results of the treatment, my skin looks fresher and brighter within a few hours and I have the most wonderful feeling of total well being afterwards.

The clinic opening hours are really convenient for someone that works full time and the location is fantastic - very private and discreet (with a lovely picturesque 10 minute walk from the nearest tube station!)

There are several package options available which are well worth exploring to save a bit of money, I have signed up for one of the Detox Packages (5 sessions) and have complete flexibility in how frequently I schedule the appointments. I also love the fact that even though I have booked a package, I am at liberty to customise each treatment with optional extras such as abdominal massage, herbs or additional time if needed etc (nb. there is an additional charge for these extras).

I will certainly be recommending West London Colonics to all my friends and family, I don't think the treatment can get better than this!

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Posted 2 months ago
As a naturally skeptical person I was pleasantly surprised by a wonderful experience 6 months ago. I waited this long to review to ensure that the treatment I received lived up to longer term expectations and it did. I had been suffering from gastrointestinal/stomach/bacterial imblance for months and after a session and some pro-biotics it fixed the problem. I returned to Julia again because she put me at ease over location, payment, and during the procedure all for a reasonable price. I had my second visit last weekend for a fresh start following an overindulgent Christmas period and I'm looking forward to healthy living this year.

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Posted 3 months ago
I already have 2 sections. I have had a long time constipation and it takes time to get over it, but by doing the colonics and do Julia's recommendation, my situation is getting better and I feel more ease and comfort. Julia is very kind and in full control of process , so you shouldn't be worry about anything ! The place is very tidy and give you confidence to let it go. The only problem is you should fill the forms and details information about yourself at beginning that although it is necessary but very time consuming!

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Posted 3 months ago
As a man deciding to undertake his first colonic, I was understandably somewhat nervous however, Julia was welcoming and immediately put me at ease from my first contact with her. One of the best thing about WLC it is small and private no worry about being embarrassed sitting around in a waiting room, so if you are thinking about taking your first colonic then I would highly recommend WLC for this reason and also that Julia puts you a ease from the moment you walk through the door. She is very informative all the way through the treatment by explaining everything and answering my questions.

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Verified review Visited November 2014
Posted 3 months ago
My first colonic was a better experience than I expected. Julia is very kind, calm and supportive. The abdominal massage was fantastic. The hydrotherapy was just a little bit uncomfortable when she put the tube in. I felt weird only a little and I give credit to Julia for making me comfortable by explaining everything and answering my questions. I liked that it was only me there, no waiting with others and after I could use the ensuite toilet. I didn't feel embarrassed at all.
Overall the experience was ok, although I was surprised that nothing much came out. I didn't know I have to do it at least 3 times to have the first results. It was only my ignorance, but this was my only disappointment. Also Julia is very flexible. I have a crazy lifestyle and she was open to be flexible with scheduling. And I also cancelled my first appointment on a very short notice and she was very understanding and flexible. I recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to do colonic.

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Verified review Visited November 2014
Posted 3 months ago
As a guy choosing to undertake his first colonic, I was understandably somewhat apprehensive; however, Julia was welcoming and immediately put me at ease. The facility and ambiance were relaxing, and Julia took pains to explain each step of the procedure so that I was aware of what was happening at all times. I was very pleased with the result -- though a little tired in the end! -- and I have already booked my next appointment. I would recommend West London Colonics without hesitation.

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Verified review Visited November 2014
Posted 3 months ago
I had my first treatment with Julia yesterday. Julia was really nice and made me feel at ease at all times throughout the treatment. She advised me what she was doing at each stage and was very pleasent to be around.
The treatment was not uncomfortable and I'm pleased to say I feel much better since having it, albeit a little tired which can be a side effect. Nonetheless I have booked another treatment in a few weeks and look forward to it!
I wod definately recommend this clinic to anyone thinking of having treatment .

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Posted 3 months ago
I had my first colonic with Julia (the therapist at West London Colonics) not long ago and I have to say has been a very good cleansing experience. The clinic is situated about 10 minutes walk from the tube, it's is very private and consists is one treatment room and its adjacent private bathroom. I walked in and after an initial consultation I was asked to undress from the waist down and wear a full length hospital style gown. Once on the treatment couch Julia explained everything in depth and made the whole experience very comfortable and surprisingly relaxing. I left feeling lighter and once my tummy settled (one can experience some bloating right after the first session), the next day I felt better and my skin was more radiant too! I will definitely return to West London Colonics and recommend it to all my friends!

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Posted 4 months ago
Being my first colonic, I really had little idea what to expect and I had chosen West London Colonics purely based on the reviews. They definitely lived up to their reputation. Julia calmly sits with you the whole time reassuring you throughout the process. I'm not sure I'm personally madly keen on the process but if you're going to do it, I couldn't think of a better place nor person for the experience.

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Posted 4 months ago
I went to West London Colonics for my second such experience, the first being 5 years earlier in Thailand, and I'm pleased to say that it was a much more relaxing experience. Everything had been thought of and prepared for. Julia was extremely professional and attentive, ensuring my comfort, and explaining the process as the session went on.

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Verified review Visited October 2014
Posted 4 months ago
Julia is amazing at her job and is does everything possible to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The standards are very high and everything is incredibly clean. I would definitely recommend west London colonics if you are looking to have a colonic done.

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