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Northolt Leisure Centre
Northolt Leisure Centre
Eastcote Lane North,
Northolt, Ealing, UB5 4AB
United Kingdom

Fitness Centre

Northolt Leisure Centre
Eastcote Lane North,
Northolt, Ealing, UB5 4AB
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Northolt Leisure Centre

Northolt Leisure Centre is a new development due to open on 30th January 2010, replacing the previous Swimarama location from November 2007. With fantastic new facilities, Northolt Leisure Centre has an eight-lane, 25-metre pool with a 190 person viewing area. The pool can be used for a variety of pool-based activities. There is also a 12 x 16 metre learner pool with a moveable floor.

This centre offers fantastic value for money with its 120 station state-of-the-art gym with free weights area. The gym benefits from integrated television screens and music on its wide range of cardiovascular fitness equipment, as well as plasma screen entertainment so you can exercise whilst watching your favourite TV programmes.

Treatment rooms are available for physiotherapy sessions. We accept GP referrals and provide guidance on how to meet your requirements. All users are required to complete a gym induction. Personal training also available, please ask a member of staff.

The dance studio has a sprung floor, mirrors and is fully air-conditioned. It also has its own dedicated sound system and hosts a range of fitness classes throughout the week for all levels of fitness and ability.

The community hall is the size of two badminton courts. The whole space can be used or it can be divided into two areas. The hall can be used for sporting and non-sporting activities/events. A range of sports can be accommodated including: Table tennis, badminton, trampolining, gymnastics and martial arts. The hall can be hired for other activities/events including: Conferences, weddings, club and group meetings, birthday parties and much more. A kitchenette is available for preparing refreshments. Please speak to a member of staff for details.

Northolt Leisure Centre has its own dedicated library open Monday to Saturday. You can borrow books and DVDs for adults and children, use the ‘People’s Network’ computers for free and join us for events and activities. You can borrow books from any library and return them to any library, as well as renew them online or by phone. You can reserve just about any book you need. If we don’t have the book you want in Ealing Libraries, we can borrow it from another area.

Open seven days a week, why not visit the on-site café next time you’re at Northolt Leisure Centre? Areas available to hire:

  • Community hall
  • Dance studio
  • Main pool and learner pool
  • Meeting room
  • Treatment room
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Posted 4 years ago
Staff in this gym don`t know what they are doing at all. When i first came i said that i am interesting only in gym. Some guy at the front desk told me that i can`t just come their any time i want (to gym) and i have to book time first. And that is not true. You need to book time for classes only, but i found out about this late. In a few month time i decided to cancel my membership. Contract says to give 30 days notice. 1 of Desember i called them to ask if 2 of Desember will be counted or not so i don`t have to pay in January. And i`ve been told that no problem. I can come 2 of Desember to feel the cancelation form. They can garantee money is not gonna be taken from my account in January. So i did. But 4 of January money came out from my account. I called them. They said that they are sorry, staff member informed me wrong and they not gonna give me refund. After i asked them " I have to pay for your staff member`s mistake? Your staff don`t now what they are doing and i have to pay for it?" - they said "Yes, we are sorry, but yes"........ Never go to that stupid gym. Find better one.

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Posted 5 years ago
On Sun 1st Aug I visited Northolt Centre to swim in the small pool from 6.30 - 7.30pm which is for adults only. Arriving at approx. 6.15pm and finding the pool full of children with their parents, I stayed at edges of the pool waiting for 6.30pm for adults only.

It was 6.33pm before the children finally left the pool, however, there was a couple of adults with two young kids still in the pool. The lifeguard told everyone to sit on the edge of the pool while he lowered the floor. The two young children were still on the edge of the pool and the depth was changed from 90 to 163. The children remained on the edge of the pool, while their parents swam. I was at the other end of the pool and seeing that the water was to deep for me, I spoke to another lifeguard about this. Neither lifeguards were willing to change the depth to 120 (which was the depth the previous sunday). A lady at the pool half got in the water and said it was too deep - the lifeguard just said to her ' I can get you a rubber ring ' This was totally unacceptable and I therefore left the pool.

After getting dressed I went to the front reception desk - there was a couple in front of me and another lady in a wheelchair waiting. I waited for approx 15 mins before I could speak to the receptionist to gain a refund as I had not been able to swim.
I was given a refund, but no apology. I will not be going to this swimming centre again.
I would also like it known, that being adults only from 6.30 - 7.30pm children should not have been allowed to remain in the pool area, and especially not on the edge of the pool when the depth was 163

The front reception staff are extremely slow on every occasion I have visited.

They should look to the Chiswick Swimming Centre, which has a fitness pool and a separate wave pool - which is far more useful with the 2 hours mid-day of lane swimming in a fitness pool of shallow water. I have also visited Milton Keynes David Lloyd Leisure swimming, where both the indoor pool and outdoor pools are of a reasonable water depth for swimming.

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Posted 5 years ago
I decided to visit Northolt Leisure Centre as it looks very smart and has lots of facilities, including a swimming pool, gym with all the latest equipment, dance studio, library and cafe.

It all sounds great but I only set foot in there on 2 occasions and that was more than enough for me.

My first issue is the car park, or should I say the 'lack of car park'. There are very few spaces for the amount of people that visit this Leisure Centre and therefore if you are going at a remotely busy time it is nearly impossible to get a space.

On my first visit I had already pre booked a 'Deep Aqua Aerobics' class, upon my arrival I queued up at the front desk for 10 minutes before the extremely slow staff got to me.

Once changed I put my belongings into one of the lockers provided which I then locked, before realising I had forgotten to put my shoes in, I opened the locker again and put my shoes inside but realised the locker had kept my 20p! I begrudgingly put in another 20p as I couldn't exactly go out to the front desk in my swimsuit and a towel, and I was also running late for the class due to the car parking issue and the slow staff.

I had high expectations of the class but was let down by its disorganisation and lack of content. I felt like I hadn't exercised at all and was thinking I should have gone for a swim instead.

I left feeling disappointed but decided to try something else as that was obviously not class for me. I decided on a Body Conditioning class the next week and had called up and booked myself a place.

When I arrived for my class (extra early to allow for parking etc) I was informed by the staff that the class had been cancelled as the member of staff was unwell.
I was offered a credit for another class; however I had decided that I would definitely not be returning to this shambles so I insisted on a refund. I then waited a further 10 minutes while the staff tried to issue me one, with eventual success.

That was my experience, which I would not recommend, however I feel that I should also write about my friends experience as a warning to others.
My friend returned to her locker after a swim to find it had been broken into, her bag which had her phone and car keys among other personal items in it had been stolen, and when she got outside they had also stolen her car.

When reported to the Northolt Leisure Centre, they did not seem particularly surprised or interested.

All in all the most unorganised and unprofessional environment I have ever had the misfortune to visit.

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