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Moroccan Beauty
Moroccan Beauty
780 Fulham Road,
London, SW6 5SL
United Kingdom

Day Spa

Moroccan Beauty
780 Fulham Road,
London, SW6 5SL
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Mon - Tue - Closed -
Wed - Sat 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Venue type: Day Spa in Fulham
Tagged as: Day Spa

Moroccan Beauty

Maroccan Beauty is a Day Spa in London, offering an array of beauty & massage treatments.

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Posted 10 months ago
I have to say, I was disappointed with this whole spa experience. I had booked a spa deal through Wowcher for me and my friend. Over the phone, the lady informed me that the deal would include a facial for myself and a massage for my friend. I rang first thing in the morning on the day of the appointment to confirm the time. The lady remembered me and confirmed everything was still fine and reiterated the price agreed. When I arrived that afternoon, I was informed that the therapist who does the massages was off sick therefore my friend could not have a massage done! Given the fact that I rang that same morning to confirm the appointment and was not told THEN already annoyed me. Anyways, me and my friend both had to get changed in the same small locker/changing room (since that's the only one they have) and put on these unclean flip flops which were provided to us. In the Hammam, we were given this tiny pot each which contained some kind of soap/lotion which we had to apply ourselves. A member of staff then gave us a body scrub using this mitt and I thought she was way too rough! When I got home, my back was red from the scrubbing and not to mention one of my beauty spots on my back had turned red!!! Anyways, after getting dressed I had my facial done by the receptionist. I’ve had many facials in the past and I am not quite sure if this one did anything at all to my skin…
When me and my friend were done, we went to the receptionist to pay. To my great surprise the receptionist got the price wrong and tried to charge me 30 pounds extra than what I had agreed over the phone. She kept insisting that I had the price wrong and that her price list in the spa had not been updated and were incorrect. When I finally showed her the deal advertised on Wowcher with the correct price she realized she was wrong. I found her very rude and not customer focused at all. I would not recommend this place. In fact me and my friend must have spent 2/2.5 hours altogether and I must say, we were the only customers!!!

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Posted 1 year ago
Worst place ever- do not book

I was actually put off from the start when booking the hammam treatment over the phone, the receptionist was rude and hostile she sounded like she was doing me a favour by booking this treatment!
On the day of treatment i was running late due to circumstances- i called to inform the spa half an hour before my treatment of this delay and called AGAIN to update and apologise when i was on my way, the receptionist said they have back to back bookings all afternoon. I fully understood this and since the delay was my fault entirely, i explained i was flexible with rearranging the day/time since i had a week before my voucher expired, to my surprise i was advised to 'come in today and we will see what we can do' i didnt understand hw they would accomodate me if they were fully booked that day but accepted the offer.
I arrived to a fairly cold welcome and was ushered to the changing rooms and then steam room- a place that charges £80 for a treatment and doesnt even provide clean towels or unused flipflops was immediately disappointing. It was not at all the standard i had expected. I was also surprised that since i was told they were fully booked, NO OTHER CUSTOMER was there THROUGHOUT my time.
I was taken into the steam room given a very small pot of black soap and told to apply it all over, the steam would be turned on then i will be asked to wash off. I was immediately stunned at this- the whole point of a hammam exp is to relax and be pampered to be asked to just apply things yourself is not at all relaxing!
I waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the steam or atleast the therapist to let me know if i can wash off the soap, finally the therapist came in to just flatly say 'wash the soap off' no explanation about the fact that there was no steam! I asked if the steam was working to which she simply said 'no' i did not get an apology no explanation NOTHING.
As a paying customer i was disappointed that the steam which is an integral part of the whole hammam treatment was out of use but to not even be informed about this or apologise for the inconvenience is unacceptable.
The therapist spent no more than 2 mins scrubbing my body with the mitt followed by applying a very thin layer of a watery body mask then told me to shower and a facial will follow. Thats it! I was shocked with the lack of washing which is usually what a traditional hammam is all about- to charge customers a price of £79 for a 2-3min scrub is unbelievable. I have had a much better spa experience in other places and paid far less!
The facial was no better, although this therapist was more pleasant her technique was very poor- it felt like she was trying to get rid of a stain on my face! She was far too rough and all that was involved in the facial was applying 3 different types of lotions/creams then removing them!
I was so relieved when it was all over, i went to ask the receptionist if i can speak to the manager regarding the issue with no steam/ lack of communication, the receptionist was extremely rude and said 'you dont really need the steam in hammam' i politely asked again if i can speak to the manager she said 'the manager is at home you can call to complain if you want' i explained that i didnt want to complain just wanted to give feedback she still said 'here is the no call her yourself' i asked if she could make the call from the spa so i can speak to her to my horror she said 'no i cant call her from here if you want to speak to the manager why should i waste my money!' I was absolutely dumbstruck with this appauling attitude and didnt know how to respond to this statement. The therapist who did my facial seemed to understand my concerns and offered me her mobile to call the manager. I asked that despite having a landline in the spa why they simply couldnt call the manager they just shrugged and said that they couldnt do it. I have never heard of such nonsense! It was a simple enough request, Clearly the manager is not bothered about customer feedback at all and expects customers to spend their own time and money if they wish to address concerns.
The therapist eventually called the manager who is called Nadia. I explained the situation about the steam etc and to my amazement all she said was that steam is not impt in hammam! I explained i have had many treatments before and i do understand the need and importance of each step of the treatment and to me this was an incomplete treatment, she continued to defend this and also didnt think it was necessary for staff to apologise/inform me of the inconvenience, she then went on to say that i was late but they still accomodated me and i should be grateful!! i apologised again for being late but she made comments to suggest i deserved a poor experience just because i was late!!! despite informing the spa IN ADVANCE of my delay, being flexible with rearranging this appointment and apologising many times i felt i was discreetly penalised in some way since i was late.
i can see why this place has such incompetent rude staff and poor reviews it is because the manager herself does not value customers at all or the service provided. The phone call to the manager cut off mid conversation and when i attempted to call back nadia did not answer.
personally i have had many many spa treatments in both renowned and smaller hotels and establishments not once have i experienced such poor customer service, poor treatment and unacceptable attitude.
This place is a complete rip off, it does not provide value for money, they treat customers badly, lies about their booking slots, does not value customers but most disappointingly is not willing to even consider a simple apology.

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Posted 2 years ago
My friend and I visited this place for the first time on Saturday. Our intial impression was not great from the rather sullen looking individual who was outside listening to an IPod who then turned out to be one of the employees. They did not seem to be that prepared for custo,ers despite the fact we turned up about 10 mins before oiur appointment. We were shown into the waiting room and motioned to fill out registration forms ina fairly offhand manner.

We had booked the hamman experience and massage offer. Whislt having the hamman we were informed that despite the vouvher offering us a range of massage options, including shiatsu and thai, these were not available and we could only have aromatherapy, deep tissue or swedish. It would have been helpful if this had been explk,ianed when we booked and not at the opint when one of us wanted a massage that we couldn't get.

The spa itself was ok but was missing simple touches, like a towel or dryer for your hands in the toilet, no offer of water throughout our stay and somne of the smallest treatment rooms I have ever seen. My therapist literally had to walk out of the door in order to get around the other side of the treatment bed.

In fairness, my friend and I both had good massages and the therapist we obviously reasonaly well qualified. However, my friend's therapist proceeded to regale her with the woes of her life during the treatment, which was not relaxing in the slightest, didn't even ask her what massage she wanted but just proceeded to do what she wanted to and was also quite rude about an element of her personal appearance. Finally, we were supposed to get a moroccan tea with our treatments and, needless to say, only one of us did.

In summary the offer was good value on paper, the ambience of the venue was iffy, the attitude of one member of staff in particular was very poor and the overall quality of the spa was mediocre. I would have a hamman again, but not here.

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