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Elements MediSpa
Elements MediSpa
81 Thorne Road,
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN1 2ES,
United Kingdom

Day Spa

Elements MediSpa
81 Thorne Road,
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN1 2ES,
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Mon 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tue - Wed 9:00am - 7:00pm
Thur 9:00am - 8:00pm
Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm
Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sun - Closed -
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Elements MediSpa

The boundaries between conventional beauty and more extreme anti-ageing treatments are becoming increasingly blurred. In response, a new breed of establishment is evolving - the MediSpa. This hybrid establishment features soft lighting, relaxing music and luxurious surroundings, with trained healthcare professionals working alongside beauty therapists and aestheticians in a soothing spa environment.

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  • Pedicure (1)
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Posted 1 year ago
The place was difficult to find as im not from doncaster & it would be easy to drive past as it was situated along a row of buildings on a busy main road. However a small sign was outside on the pavement which helped to see it.

I had never been for cosmetic treatment before so i didn't know what to expect but it was a lovely place with a friendly atmosphere & welcoming staff who were very polite & helpful.

I booked to have derma fillers in my face to help get rid of wrinkles around my mouth & under my eyes & also same fillers in my lips to help plump out my top lip as i barely had one.
I expected to leave with fuller more visible lips but i was told that they can only work with the lips i have & create more volume to them.

I have a needle phobia so i knew i would find the treatments difficult & i was really nervous so i told the therapist about this during consultation. She reassured me i would be fine as she will be numbing the area first with a similar injection you have at the dentist.

I was injected with anaesthetic twice under my top lip near the gum & twice inside my bottom lip which was the worst part of the treatment as i thought the numbing injection would be one jab & i winced & jumped as each injection was put in under my lips.
I was even more nervous by time the derma fillers were injected which took longer to do than i thought.
I was injected 6 times around my lips with the fillers which after the first two i asked if someone could be present to hold my hand as i could still feel the needle on the left side (Having someone there always helps me when having injections)

She asked for someone in the reception to help & the woman that held my hand was really nice & encouraging & a lovely woman Thankyou :-)

I couldn't carry on after my lips were done as i was too nervous so she suggested i come back to finish off my treatment for wrinkles another day which i agreed id come back next week .

The following day My lips are more noticeable but nothing like i expected but that might be because i expected more of a top lip to show as you could barely see my lip line before & now its only just visible but the bottom lip is plumper.

I don't think i can cope having anymore injection treatments but i hope to return shortly for laser light therapy on my skin instead to reduce the wrinkles & hope this isn't painful as it says on the website you only feel a warm sensation on your skin.

Overall id give them 4 out of 5 rating.
I think they could improve the descriptions of treatments offered on there website & what it entails as this would help people make a better decision regarding the treatments that suit them best before an appointment.
I expected alot less anaesthetic injections prior to the treatment & had i known this before i would have chosen to have my wrinkles treated before my lips as these were my priority & are affecting my confidence.
Also it would help if i was offered to have another person present before the treatment but i had to ask for this after id endured a level of discomfort.

I would still recommend to friends & i have done to many as this is the best clinic in south Yorkshire for prices which i hope they keep at a reduced price for me to continue with treatments.
I hope to try out a different treatment for wrinkles (laser therapy) & hope the description on the website describes the treatment adequately as this will help me.

Thankyou X


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Posted 1 year ago
I've been going to Elements for 2 years for Botox. Having had botox at other clinics I can honestly say that Elements is by far superior and so much cheaper than anywhere else locally. I hardly noticed any pain when injecting unlike previous clinics and the results were so much better. I went back after 2 weeks for a review and even was given a top up to make the results perfect even though the results were better than what I had at other clinics. The top up was free and the reults lasted almost 6 months. There was no scrimping on the botox despite the amazing prices and I will always travel to Elements for the treatement from now on.
More recently we booked to have my sisters hen party in the Spa there. Even though it is much smaller than other spa's it is still fantastic. We had the spa all to ourselves on a saturday, all day, all the staff were so helpful and friendly and had arranged for little gift bags for us all to take home at no extra cost! We had discounts on the food and treatments and were treated like princess's for the full day. Nothing was too much trouble, it was amazing and the treatments we all had were fabulous.
I have recommended Elements to several people who now are regular clients and would recommend to anyone else.

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Posted 2 years ago
I absolutely love this place!! I didnt have all these treatments in the same day I have been many times and thought I would write a review as I am returning here again tommorrow! All the staff are fab and welcoming will do anything to make it a memorable day. I have had i-lipo here also which wasnt on the drop down list above but was also great. The food is lovely and for £7.50 for a main and a glass of wine you cant complain. You should watch out for there 2for1 deals as it works out at £45 for 2 people to use spa for 3 hours. They dont have a swimming pool and the spa isnt very big but thats why it is so nice its very personal and not overcrowded or noisy. It is honestly just a fabulous place I love it and am really excited to return tommorow :D

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Posted 2 years ago
I was looking forwad to visiting this spa as i am a regular spa lover! So i booked 2 for me and a friend also 2 extra treatments on offer half price with a spa, this lvly lady behind reception told me if any of us need to change then we could change it to a voucher...... as i was the one paying.
The morning o9f the spa my friend was at hospital.... so i went alone, i explained the situation and asked if there was anyway she could have it in a voucher to come to when she was better? It was an abrupt no for the short haired middle aged lady behind reception, i thought considering her being in hospital they may have a heart........ clearly not!
So then i got usherd into waiting area after asking if i could use it in treatments for myself so it wasnt a total waste?
The rude lady with short hair said i was allowed an extra 10 mins on my back massage :-0
I then thanked her, but said il stick with regular time..... i wasnt happy with paying for a full spa day to receive an extra rub on the back.....
So i had my 1st treatment, then was left 4 hours....... had my second, in this time i told a few staff id booked the mud chamber and infra red.....
so another 45 mins passed sfter my last treatment, and the stern lady appeared saying i had not booked the extra 2....100% DID, and a MUST pay, and wait for them to be set up, i wasnt after them for free....... because they WERE pre booked, i was wanting my teeth whitening there but after this, and no contact from complaining, my comments on the facebook page deleted... and still no contact i will not return, and will continue to share my bad experiance

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