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easyGym - Wood Green
easyGym - Wood Green
98-100 High Street,
Wood Green, London, N22 6YG
United Kingdom

Fitness Centre

easyGym - Wood Green
98-100 High Street,
Wood Green, London, N22 6YG
United Kingdom
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easyGym - Wood Green part of easyGym

Get fit the easy way. At easyGym we believe you should get the stuff you want, not the stuff you never use.

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Posted 1 year ago
5 min walk from where I live so conveniently works out, but a great gym nonetheless. Staff including class instructors are very helpful and friendly, if my PE teachers were like this growing up I would have fared much better at sport and exercise. Good facilities, plenty of cardio machines, never had to queue, same for weights. Locker facilities are good and overall the quality of classes is very good. They start on time, notice is given and covers are arranged if someone is off. There's a good range of classes and the instructors are professional and very good at what they do. Good opening and closing hours as well. Best thing: there is no contract so you have the flexibility to start or stop each month should you choose to do so. And best of all at £30 including unlimited classes you really can't beat it on price. For a basic gym with good working facilities, friendly staff and a good range of classes, it's pretty good value. It does what it says on the tin. If you're looking for expensive saunas and steam rooms, then be prepared to pay the price elsewhere

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Posted 3 years ago

I know this is a frills free gym, but my God, it's horrible.

The staff are abrupt, rude, and have no desire to help.

The cardio section STINKS, I mentioned there was a bit of a strong smell in a light hearted way to the guy showing me around and he took it really badly, telling me it's a gym, people sweat, I must have a strong sense of smell etc...then when I went to look in the girls lockers, he sarcastically asked me if "they smelled alright for me". I understand people sweat in a gym for God sake, but if there is crap air flow it's going to stagnate...fresh sweat doesn't smell!

The stairs on the way up are dirty and unkempt. The one good thing is that the equipment is good, as it all appears to be new.

Overall, it costs £35 for classes included. Well I'd rather pay £50 and have a sauna, steam room and nice, professional staff thrown in. In short, don't bother...gyms cost a certain amount to join for a reason.

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Posted 3 years ago
Easy gym is a no frills gym that oppened just over a month ago in North London, it replaces Virgin gym of which I was formally a member of (so apologies if this puts a negative slant on my review).
The gym is arranged over 2 floors with a small stretching area, strength and cardio machines on the first floor. And additional wieghts and changing rooms on the second floor. The monthly fee is low however classes are incur an additional charge so if you are a person who likes to take classes the costs could easily add up to a significant monthly outlay. The staff seem nice enough when you approach them however there is very little advice and support there and I suspect that any additional support would have to paid for on top of the membership in the form of personal training sessions.

I will start with the positives:

The gym has just been fitted out so all of the equipment is new and it is clean (with an exception that I will get to later). There are lots of cardio machines, so great if you ever had to queue for a running/rowing macine or cross trainer. The entry system is pretty cool as it a code followed by finger print reader, which is handy if you dont enjoy faffing about with membership cards. Also the low monthly price and lack of contract offer flexibilty for those on a budget.

On the downside I find the atmosphere pretty souless much like the easy jet airline service (so great brand continuity there!) This lack of atmosphere is possibly due to the fact that the music is so quiet that you strain to hear it when on the cardio area. I know I could bring my ipod, but part of the gym is social and personally, I dont like to feel cut off whilst working out.
There is very little space for stretching and floor work, and each time I have been there, it feels like I need to wait or stretch under slightly claustrophobic conditions.
The worst things for me are the lack of luxuries and showers which I personally find disappointing. I know its sad but one of the things that keeps me motivated to train is rewarding myself with a steamimg shower (if I am in a rush) or a sauna (if I have time to spare) in a spacious clean environment with all of the toiletries that I need to hand and the option of the sunbed (during the winter months)

The showers at easy gym are time limited, like those lights that people put in communal hallways (the kind you push in and pop of when your halfway up the stairs) it is unclear what to do to adjust the water temperature and there is no option to change the pressure (which is pretty weak) or height of the showers (a typical one size fits all easyjet approach) And in addition to that there are only 5 showers 2 of which have broken locks after just one month which does not bode well for the future.
For me the final straw was today whilst I was in the showe someone charming had left a used pantliner stuck to the shower wall (this to me speaks volumes to the clientel)

So to sum up, easygym does what it says on the tin. If you know what your doing and dont need anyone to motivate you , easygym it offers good value for money and provides you with plenty of equipment to do your thing. If like me you need a bit of inspiration to avoid reaching a plateau. Or if you like to feel that you are at a health club and not a gym, you will find easy gym wanting.

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Posted 4 years ago
Easygym Wood Green is brand new and boasts 'state of the art' equipment.
On the lower level they have enough aerobic equipment to train a small army as well as fixed weight machines, and on the upper level a wide selection of free weights and more specialised weight training equipment.

* It is new, so it is clean;
* They have a 'sweat towel' policy, which means that anyone having a workout is supposed to use / lie on a towel to keep the equipment clean and pleasant for everyone;
* car parking is included (as with the previous gyms - Holmes Place and then Virgin Active;
* biometric entry to the gym via a pin code and fingerprint identification.

* the staff seem a bit vague and unwilling to recognise issues raised;
* signage is very bad - the free weights floor is simply marked as "upstairs to the locker rooms", it is only when you get to the upper level that a sign above the door announces "strength" training;
* although their are reminders to get your parking ticket stamped, the machine lcoation is not prominent;
* car parking is included in the price, but you have to exit - via the shopping mall - to the street and use the front entrance to reach the gym, which is a bit time-consuming if you want to workout and make a quick get-away;
* biometric access wasn't working properly when I was there;
* fire alarm was triggered, but went on for at least five minutes, despite being a false alarm, which was painful on the ears;
* sweat towel policy is not currently explained or enforced (I'd hazard a bet that a lot of the people using the gym don't understand that they should lie on their 'sweat' towel, rather than keep it around their neck or, in many cases, not use it at all);

Good value for money, but it will be interesting to see how well it is maintained and especially whether it is kept clean and the 'sweat towel' rule enforced. Many gyms disappoint with regard to cleanliness, so fingers crossed that Easygym can raise the bar.

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3 years ago
Postscript. Day 2. The biometric access system is still not working. When I commented that it wasn't terribly impressive, the manager said "Oh come on, its £13.99!". The unspoken text I imagine could be something like "What do you expect for that price?" Not good from any staff, but coming from the manager - that really doesn't bode well!

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