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Angel Wellbeing Clinic
Angel Wellbeing Clinic
18 St Alban's Place,
Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0NX
United Kingdom

Wellness Centre

Angel Wellbeing Clinic
18 St Alban's Place,
Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0NX
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sun - Closed -
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Angel Wellbeing Clinic

The Angel Wellbeing Clinic in Islington is a friendly, family-owned and family-focused clinic. Our Islington clinic includes acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, cbt therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and parent coaching.

We are based in Islington North London, a few steps from Upper Street, close to all main bus and train routes.

Our aim at Islington's Angel Wellbeing Clinic is to promote long-term wellness for you and your family.

We will endeavour to return your health to optimum function as quickly as possible and we will aid you in devising a long term wellness plan which will help to maintain your wellbeing and prevent relapses.

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Posted 7 months ago
I bought the aforementioned service for '45-minute consultation from a Chiropractor combined this with one chiropractic treatment lasting approximately 30 minutes’ from Groupon.
I’ve usually had great experiences with Groupon so was saddened by this particular experience.
I rang to make the appointment and was told that they could only fit the consultation in and I would have to come back for my treatment - Which I agreed to.
On my arrival to the Angel Wellbeing Centre – which is as previously mentioned in another review, a door into a corridor with tattered and dirty carpets and no sign to tell you where to go.
When I found my way up the stairs, a fierce receptionist barked orders for me to fill in some forms about my medical/personal/social history and then in turn she clipped it to the door of the clinic room for all to see.
It was also clear that the receptionist was keen to get out on time (1pm) and was not interested in niceties – this was also reflected by Brian - the Chiropractor himself.
My appointment was 12.10pm and I had arrived 10 minutes early to ensure I was not late for my appointment – The Chiropractor on the other hand did not seem to care about being late and I was eventually seen at 12.40pm. No apologies.
When I was finally asked to come into the clinic room, the Chiropractor – Brian – fired off the exact same questions that were written on the form previously clipped to the front of the door. He seemed to become annoyed if I took longer than a couple of seconds to answer the questions – I felt that despite being rushed through this part of the consultation however that this would lead him to spend more time looking at my back and neck and diagnosing the problem – I was wrong.
During this quick fire quiz into my past medical history he then asked me about the triggers for my back and neck issue which I felt was likely due to stress due to recently changing my job.
When asked what I did for work, I explained that I was mental health nurse working in a general hospital and that I was finding it difficult and at times quite distressing. You would think this would be a cue to tread a little carefully and perhaps not probe too much if this was the major trigger for my pain and general upset. Alas Brian felt it the perfect opportunity to tell me all about his ex-wife’s mental health problems, treatments and his general dislike for her and then whether I felt that the man in the news who had crashed the plan into the Alps was actually ‘crazy’ or not – he did all of this whilst standing in front of me and not actually taking in any interest in the reason why I was there.
He continued to talk throughout the ‘consultation’ which lasted approx. 15 mins – Not the 45mins that I had paid for.
The physical check lasted less than 5 minutes and only consisted of his checking my reflexes with the hammer and having a quick glance at my posture.
When asked following this whether he could do anything today as I was in a great deal of pain, he told me to get dressed and then we would discuss it.
Once dressed he stated (whilst standing up) that he was not going to do anything for it today and that I should come back next week for further treatment. Oh and also advised ‘lay off the Nurofen but stick some peas on it over the next couple of days’.
Due to being in acute pain and another difficult engagement with the receptionist I foolishly agreed to book a follow up appointment for the following week, however upon leaving the clinic, it dawned on me that the consultation was only 15mins and had a less than 5 minute examination and I was no clearer as to why I was in so much pain and the treatment options that might be available to me.
This was quite frankly was the worse experience I have had in what was meant to be a professional clinical setting.
Brian himself was incredibly rude and inappropriate as well making me feel rushed and like I was getting in the way of him finishing on time.
Throw in the attitude of the receptionist and state of the clinic – I would say this place is to be avoided.
Following leaving the clinic, I subsequently called the clinic and stated that I wanted to cancel my ‘treatment’ appointment – to which I was informed I would lose the value of treatment and would have to pay next time – To which I assured the Receptionist that I had absolutely no intention of ever returning to that place.
AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! – Go somewhere where the clinicians and staff like people and care about their jobs, because that is evidently not Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

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Posted 1 year ago
I bought a groupon voucher for the venue and was booked in with Caroline. I never felt like I was treated less well for having bought a discounted service, which was important, and although I have gone back twice for repeat visits I didn't feel pressurised to do so.
The venue itself is in an old building, but has evidently been recently renovated to a lovely standard, and there is coffee and water available whilst you wait. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes, although I tend to take the early morning appointments.

I found Caroline to be immensely helpful, the first appointment eased the pain in my back considerably and both sessions since have improved the pain until it feels normal again. There was a mixture of massage, manoeuvring, clicking and acupuncture used (not the correct medical terms probably!).

All in all, I was delightfully surprised at the effectiveness of the experience and the quality of the treatment. Far better than the standard you sometimes find using a voucher. I would recommend to anyone.

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Posted 2 years ago
I visited this clinic after purchasing a Groupon voucher to have a consultation with the chiropractor Brian.

When I entered the property the front secure door was open and I didn't know where to go as there was only a toilet in front of me!

I had to climb dangerous stairs with filthy peeling carpets to find the reception area.

After filling in a quick questionaire about my health I then had to wait 40 minutes to be seen. I could hear the chiropractor chatting away to whoever was in there.

When I got in to see Brian eventually, he took quick glance at my medical history then moved on to my back problems. I felt pushed from the start about purchasing a 'package' for treaments with him costing several hundreds pounds! I hadn't even got to the point of my visit yet and I felt pressured. After several minutes chat about my personal life??!! He then told me stories about his ex wife!! And how mad she is and how he was accused of being a paedophile by her against their own son.... I couldn't believe my ears, this was highly inappropriate under any circumstances. I walked out not long after and have never returned. I have since (funnily enough) met other clients of Brian's through collegues and they have very similiar stories... Avoid avoid avoid even for a groupon voucher...

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