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Wahanda Celebrates National Men's Health Week

National Men's Health Week 2009

Here at Wahanda we're dedicated to encouraging health and wellness, so when we heard it was National Men’s Health Week we put together some exceptional spa and fitness deals to show our support for the campaign. Choose from free fitness sessions of golf, Power Plate, and pilates, plus find great 2 for 1 offers to get you summer-ready while keeping your heart healthy. Read on to find out more…

What is National Men's Health Week?
National Men’s Health Week has been running since June 2002. Since then the campaign has grown significantly and has become a key part of the public health improvement calendar. Every year the campaign focuses on a different purpose relevant to men’s health but the overall goal is to improve men's health, fitness and wellbeing.

What is the aim of the campaign this year?
This year the purpose of National Men’s Health Week focuses on increasing men’s capacity for self-care and reducing possible risks to their health and wellbeing by improving their awareness of the health services available to them. It is a known fact that men, unlike women, are less likely to use primary care services, dentists, weight loss clinics and sexual health help-lines. Men are also less likely to approach pharmacies for health advice and information.

This lack of enthusiasm to seek help from health services causes a huge threat to their health, especially considering they take bigger risks with their health than women. Two in five men drink alcohol excessively, more than one in four smoke and one in three younger men use illegal drugs. Men are also more likely to eat unhealthy food and have unprotected sex.


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The average life expectancy of men is a lot lower than women – 66 per cent of men reach the age of 75 in comparison to 77 per cent of women. Men are also more likely to die from heart disease and are more likely to develop it 10-15 years before women. Cancer is also nearly twice as likely to develop in men as well as obesity. It has been estimates that by 2015, 36 per cent of men are likely to be obese compared with 28 per cent of women.

What's on Offer?
We at Wahanda felt it was our job to help reduce some of these health risks by offering some fantastic fitness deals to help keep you men in a fit shape and healthy form. Exercising regularly has been proved to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity as well as encouraging you to eat healthier, drink less alcohol and smoke less, letting you live life for longer.

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