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Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts give Wimbledon fans everywhere the chance to practise their favourite racket sport. Whether you see tennis as a great way to keep fit and develop your agility, or simply a fun hobby to help you stay entertained in the summer, hiring a court will provide you with the necessary space to serve, volley and smash at will. With plenty of grass courts and clay courts to choose from both indoors and outdoors, there’s really no excuse not to perfect that backhand...
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Tennis courts can often be found in fitness centres, as well as in schools, parks and the grounds of hotels. Usually, a small fee is required in order to hire a court – but once this is paid you should find that you are able to practise in peace.

Many outdoor courts designed for amateur use are surfaced with concrete, as this doesn’t require such regular maintenance. However, if only the best will do, you could always join a specialist tennis club – these provide a variety of different court surfaces, giving you the opportunity to try out a clay or lawn finish.


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Want to get into tennis more seriously? If you’re bored with just knocking a ball around the court, you could always enlist the help of a coach to teach you techniques worthy of the pros.

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