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Hammams combine bathing with steam and massage to cleanse and relax the body. Also known as Turkish baths, they have long been popular in the Western world, where the relaxing rituals they offer are often incorporated into spa days. A great way to unwind and give your mind a bit of a rest, a hammam also encourages physical wellbeing through heat therapy and soothes the muscles using massage techniques. You'll emerge from the experience feeling calm, cleansed and completely rejuvenated...
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A visit to a hammam involves several different steps. Most Turkish bathing rituals begin with a session in a steam room or sauna, followed by the opportunity to cool down with a cold shower or plunge pool. Next, you’ll be led to a treatment room, where your therapist will administer a firm massage, exfoliating body treatment or full body mask, depending on availability. Finally, any excess products will be rinsed away and you’ll be left in a cool room to relax and rest until it’s time to leave.


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Hammams usually operate strictly single sex policies in light of the group atmosphere of some of the steam and relaxation rooms. However, Turkish baths are increasingly offering the chance to experience facilities on an individual basis – great if you’re feeling a bit shy. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you read up on the hammam’s rules and regulations before you go – this will help you to avoid any big surprises.

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