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Dance Studios

Dance Studios

Dance studios offer everything you need to express yourself in a variety of different forms. With hundreds of different classes on offer (from ballet and belly dancing to street dance and salsa) a dedicated dance studio is the perfect place to develop and hone your skills. Most studios cater to different ages, levels of ability and fitness, meaning that beginners and advanced dancers alike can can-can, polka and rumba to their hearts’ content. We think that’s worth a bit of a twirl...
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Whether you’ve been itching to try your hand (or foot!) at ballroom dancing, Latin dancing or any other form of dance for that matter, joining a dance studio can be an economical way of experiencing lots of different styles. Most studios won’t restrict your choices, so you can have a go at something new every evening if the fancy takes you.

Dance classes take place in a variety of forms, from one-on-one tuition to private parties and group lessons (the most common). You’ll probably need to dress in a particular way, for example by wearing the right shoes for tap or jazz, but other than that you won’t need to bring any special equipment – a sense of rhythm and plenty of enthusiasm will do.


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Although it is a fantastic way to keep fit, tone muscles and release endorphins, dancing can also be a difficult activity. Major studios such as Pineapple Dance offer therapies such as sports massage, osteopathy and acupuncture to alleviate any aches and pains and help dancers stay in good health.

Make sure you work out in advance what your chosen dance studio’s policy is on booking. Whilst some studios expect you to book in advance or even sign up to a subscription, others will allow you to turn up to classes on a drop-in basis, meaning that there are no strings attached.

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