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Working With Us

We've gathered together the most common questions posed to Wahanda about supplier relationships and the Connect system and answered them as best we can. We hope they help with the query that's niggling you...

So what is Wahanda Connect?

Wahanda Connect is a free appointment booking system as well as a tool to boost sales through Wahanda and its partners. With Wahanda Connect you can:

  • Manage your day and appointments
  • Set up your menu
  • Process leads and bookings coming in through Wahanda and its partners

Thinking of working with us?

Making the most of your listing

Help with Wahanda Connect

Making the most of your listing

Should I accept the Wahanda gift voucher?

The voucher’s a great way of getting more exposure on site, and of picking up incremental sales. It can be exchanged for full or part payment for your full priced services, and of course you benefit from up sell. It’s subject to just 15% plus VAT commission

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Are reviews really important?

Yes, they are. Positive reviews really influence other customers browsing your deals, plus they help you to sit higher up in the rankings so you get more exposure as well as potential sales! We encourage customers booking with you through our site to leave reviews for you, but it’s also an idea for you to ask your own customers to leave feedback.

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How do I get featured in the Recommended For You email to customers in my local area?

Our new Recommended for You email is sent on a frequency decided by our customers and features deals in their local area. The offers are selected at random from site, based on criteria including location and minimum discount threshold. Preference will always be given to offers available as appointment bookings rather than just eVoucher, so it’s really sensible to allow all of your offers to be purchased in this way. The logic behind the email will also ensure that the same offer is not repeated in a 30 day period. The same venue can, however, be repeated, so if a venue uses all 5 featured offer slots for strong deals, they increase their chances of regular features.

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Is it correct Wahanda operates lastminute.com’s Spa category?

Yes, that’s right. Back in May '12 we took over the running of the Spa category. Customers still stay on lastminute.com but it’s Wahanda’s supply they see. That means we now have two great sites to promote you through if you’re one of our Premium partners. All lastminute.com bookings are included on your usual Wahanda remittances.

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How do I sit at the top of the listings?

Customers can filter by a series of options - such as highest discount and lowest price - to sort their search results, but if they look at 'Best Match', they’ll be seeing our premium venues first. These are filtered with the venues with the highest number of great reviews appearing first. So unfortunately we can’t send you straight to the top of the pile, but by working on your reviews you help yourself sit higher up.

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Can I still run a Spotlight Offer?

We don’t run Spotlight Offers anymore - we really don’t want to be seen as a daily deal website because we're so much more than that. Instead, we’re the online booking website for customers to come to for all their regular and special beauty and pamper treatments and packages. Spotlight emails have been replaced by the Recommended for You email.

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What’s the difference between an eVoucher and an appointment booking?

If a customer buys an eVoucher, they’re not selecting their date and time at the point of booking. Instead, they'll have a validity period in which to use the voucher and will contact you directly to book in. eVouchers payments are made 15 days from redemption of the voucher in Connect. Appointment bookings are where a customer selects their date and time before checkout - either looking at your live allocation if you’re using our diary management tool, or by on request if we’re managing your bookings for you. We pay you for all appointment bookings 15 days from the appointment or stay date, and you don’t need to collect a voucher from the customer, as their visit is paid for and confirmed without the need for an eVoucher.

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When and how do I get paid?

eVouchers payments are made 15 days from redemption of the voucher in Connect, while all dated bookings (appointments, spa days and spa breaks) are paid 15 days from the date of the appointment or stay.

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How do I get in touch?

We want to make sure you can get through to the right person to help out with your query. If you want to speak to your Account Manager about your partnership, call through to our Supply Support Team on 0845 5577827 or email support@wahanda.com

If you’ve got a query about a customer voucher or appointment, it’s best to speak to our Operations Team on 0330 100 3515

If you’ve got a query regarding payment, your remittances, or need help redeeming an eVoucher, call 0330 100 3515 and select the Finance option

If you need help using Connect we have a Live Chat option so you can instant help. If you prefer to call, give us a call on 0330 100 3515

Help with Wahanda Connect

Is it easy to set up and use?

Yes! We’ve made the new tool super-simple and easy to use with step-by-step instructions to help you get started. Our supply team can are on hand if you've any questions – we’re always here to help.

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Who can use the software?

Wahanda Connect is for businesses in the health and beauty industry. From local salons to hotel spa chains, the software solves your marketing and scheduling needs.

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We’re happy with our existing system – is there a way we can integrate both?

At the moment, Connect is built to replace pen and paper, offering a great solution for businesses without a good software system in place. The system is quick and easy to use that you can manage it effectively by giving Wahanda your quieter days and times to sell, and then closing other appointments as you fill them.

However, we’re in the process of creating a system where you can integrate the Connect system with your existing software, so we’ll keep you posted.

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Is it safe to store my vital business data on Connect?

Yes, it is safe. All data is stored on redundant servers in a well-protected datacentre and is constantly backed up to a secondary datacentre.

Wahanda take data privacy and security very seriously, following strict procedures for handling and securing our customer data. We store data on an industry-standard, commercial database secured on several layers. Access to the network and physical servers is very much restricted, permitted to authorised personnel only, and we never disclose information to third parties.  

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How do I enable customer confirmations?

To enable secondary confirmation emails, simply click Settings, then Notifications. Under the tab Client Notification, check the box named ‘Send email confirmations to clients about confirmed, rescheduled and cancelled appointments’. Here you can set how many hours prior to an appointment an email reminder is sent out.

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How do I enable or edit my SMS notifications?

To enable SMS reminders, click on Settings, then Notifications. Under the tab Client Notifications, check the box named ‘Send text reminder’ then specify how many hours before the appointment you would like the message to be sent. Text messages will only ever be sent during venue opening hours so there'll be no inconvenient, night time disturbances. Here you can also add a venue mobile number from which the text reminders will be sent, and that your customers can reply to.

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What is a team category?

Using team categories is great if you set different prices for specialist levels (e.g. junior, head stylist, director, etc,). You’ll also be able to set the different prices when you are editing the service pricing in the menu. To add a team category: go to Settings, click Team then Team Categories, here you can add few or as many categories as you want.

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How do I add the online booking widget to my website? Will I need to redesign my website?

Wahanda provides the code which is easy for you to copy and paste into your website. It’s very simple to do, but feel free to contact us for help if you get stuck.

Great. So how much will it cost?

We have a small 50p + VAT fee for every appointment booked via the online booking widget. The fee covers support for the widget on your website, plus automated text messages and email reminders to your customers. The online booking widget is available to Premium Wahanda subscribers only.

How easy is it for customers to use the booking widget? Will they have to enter lots of information to register?

We’ve made it quick and simple to use. Booking an appointment using the online widget is easy: your customers choose the service they want and who they want it with, then select a time and date for the appointment. We only collect the customer’s name, number and email address to confirm the booking.

How can I be sure I won’t receive fake bookings from unreliable customers or competitors?

You receive an email notification every time a customer books an appointment via the online widget. We’ll also send a confirmation to your customer once you’ve confirmed the appointment. Your customer’s phone number will appear in the appointment details, so you can ring them to ensure it’s not a fake booking.

Will I get double bookings if my customers also book online?

No, we’ve taken care of that. Only available time slots (i.e. slots which are not blocked or already booked) will show on your online booking widget. To hide a time slot and make it unavailable, simply mark it out by creating a block.

You haven’t answered my question, what should I do?

If you have any questions about the Connect system or need any assistance then email supply.support@wahanda.com.

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