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Wahanda guide: the city dweller's beauty detox

Now it may have skipped your attention, but the UK has been subject to something of a smog epidemic recently. Apparently a combination of Saharan sand and European pollution, the smog has been playing havoc with everything from the Prime Minister’s fitness regime (he had to cancel his morning run and everything) to our hair, skin and general wellbeing. If you’re feeling the effects of last week’s weird weather, here are a few tips to wash that smog right out of your hair, skin and body…


Not to scaremonger or anything, but as well as their more serious implications, free radicals in the atmosphere can also cause dry skin, blocked pores and even premature ageing. If you’re complexion is looking a little grey, try a brightening exfoliator like the Clearly Corrective White Brightening Exfoliator by Kiehl's (£25). City dwellers should exfoliate skin twice a week and cleanse morning and night. A decent moisturiser like Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream by REN (£27), will hydrate the skin and form a protective barrier against pollutants on the surface to prevent future damage. In times of extreme dust and grime, a facial is always a relaxing way to cleanse and rejuvenate skin.


Toxins in the air not only affect the skin, they do a lot of damage to our follicles too, causing hair to become greasy more quickly, look dull, feel dry, and possibly even aggravate male balding – again, not meaning to scaremonger. In extreme situations protect your hair by wearing a scarf, or tying it up. It can be tempting to over-wash hair when you come home and it smells and feels unclean, but ultimately this is damaging too. Try washing your locks once a week with an extra cleansing shampoo like Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo (£11.65, feelunique.com) or Tresemme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo (£3.89, Boots.com). It'll feel squeaky clean in no time.


Speaking of vitamin C (which helps fight free radicals in the body and works to repair and prevent skin damage), it’s important to up your antioxidant and vitamin intake when you find yourself in less healthy environments. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and drink plenty of water to flush out unwanted toxins. If you’re feeling brave, colonic hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation, uses purified water, coffee or even herbs to cleanse your colon. It’s not the most glamourous treatment, but fans swear by its ability to relieve uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, constipation, flatulence and IBS. Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it...

We like to spoil you for choice here, which is why we make it super easy to find what you want. Search through our offers and filter by price, treatment and location to find what's right for you and then indulge - we'll have you looking your best and ready to swish in no time.
If you're after a celebrity haircut without the hefty star-studded price tag, we're here to help. Take a look at our range of 2 for 1 deals on haircuts, hair colouring, blow dries and more. Thanks to Wahanda you'll save enough to splurge on a night out and show off your new hairstyle...
Trying to find a new hairdresser? Not sure which hair treatment your barnet needs? Want to turn the volume up on your locks? Take a look at our hair blogs, ask the hairdressing experts your burning questions and share reviews and ratings with your fellow fashionistas to find the best haircuts in town.