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Trade Secret UK

Trade Secret salon stores offer a wide range of professional hair care products and services for women and men, including haircuts, styling services, colouring and highlighting and conditioning treatments.

With over 25 of your favourite professional hair care brands in-store, you're sure to find everything you need. If you need assistance, our knowledgeable stylists are always happy to help.

Latest review of Trade Secret UK (1 reviews)

Visited Nov 2011

I was booked in for 9am, and the two girls did not arrive to open up until 9.10am. then shortly after arrival one of the two girls left the shop to go the bank apparently. I have had foils done on my hair many times but never experienced such a fast process, which huge thick sections taken and less that 20 mins to complete a half head of highlights, with the the numbers of foils i would expect. The girl then told me this would be on for 30 mins. She offered me tea ( which i asked for then walked off) after 45 mins with no tea or sign of her i noticed she was now manning the reception downstairs. after and hour and ten minutes she finally came upstairs and took me to wash my hair. After wetting my hair the phone rang so she left me in the basin and went to answer the phone. Came back. Shampooed my hair, then the phone rang again so she left. Finally she came to finish the conditioner then left again for 10 minutes to man reception while i was left to sit. When she was blowdrying my hair three times again she left to attend to customers on reception or answer the phone. I mentioned that i was diasstisfied with this as i felt the bleach has been left on an unnessary amount of time but also, while she told me the reason for this was that she was alone in the shop, it seemed to be getting ridicious that every time she started something she left, when surely it would be more appropriate to have two members of staff in a busy shopping centre salon on a saturday morning.