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Shavata Brow Studio

Eyebrows have always been a passion of mine. The entire process of creating the perfect arch fascinates me, and I am constantly thinking of new ways to make this previously daunting beauty task simpler for my clients. This passion is one of the reasons I founded my first Brow Studio at the Urban Retreat, Harrods. This Brow Studio was my perfect solution for men and women who needed a quick, efficient, effective treatment, that takes just minutes and can transform your look. Shavata Brow Studios and Lash Lounges are now available in selected doors across the UK to help meet the demands of our clients and I have also developed my own range of fabulous products, which can help you to create the perfect brow in between your studio appointments. My range includes Pointed and Slanted Tweezers, a Brow Tamer, a Brow Shaping Kit, and Shavata false lashes to name just a few. Our best selling product are our divine Shavata Heart shape tweezers, which come in five colours and are great way of bringing fun and glamour to your everyday beauty routine.

Latest review of Shavata Brow Studio (4 reviews)

I heard lots of good things about Shavata eyebrows, so when one opened at Debenhams I was delighted. I booked in for eyebrow threading & eyelash extensions, I wanted both because I was handed a leaflet the week before with a special offer price tag of £25 for both, Fabulous.

I was talked into (by the therapist) to having my brows tinted just a shade darker so I did. She threaded, tinted, then after all that, applied brow pencil quite thickly to my brows which looked like 2 black catterpillars. I couldn't understand why., but this will be revealed below.

My eyelash extensions were done by a different therapist, they were fine, didn't last long only a few days so wasn't too impressed by that, but the application and look was ok.

back to my eyebrows... when I got to the till to pay she asked for £55.. I queried this handing my leaflet for £25 she wanted to charge me more, but because I had this leaflet she didn't have a choice. The tinting was extra on top.

However, the next day I showered and started cleansing moistuerising my face but couldn't work out what was going on with my eyebrows... bits sticking up all over the place and worst of all two bald patches in the middle of each eyebrow...!!!!!!!!!! .... it completely explains why she was so eager to add brow pencil after she had completely cocked them up so I wouldn't notice.

Its taken 2 months of different shaping my own therapist to get them back to normal, and they are still not quite there.

Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again and I think Shevata should be worried about her reputation with this concession at Westfield.