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New ID Studios

Makeovers can work miracles. They boost a woman’s self-esteem; give a glimpse of just how good she can look. New ID Studios are the UK’s premier makeover and photoshoot experts.

New ID Studios have a unique partnership with the prestigious Burlingtons Boutique hair salon and we’ve even created our own innovative make-up range – New ID Cosmetics – from sharing the insights of the hundreds of professional make-up artists working in our studios throughout the UK.

With our talented photographers, contemporary studios, lively atmosphere and beautifully hand-crafted, exclusive frame collections, we aim to capture our clients’ character and uniqueness to treasure forever.

Latest review of New ID Studios (10 reviews)

People it's a money making SCAM!!!New ID Studios are officially on my unethical,dishonest,scammer list!!

I bought a 'hair-styling,makeover & photoshoot' voucher yesterday from a guy called Ron in Harrow. His pitch was you get your nails done,hair for free...etc and you get 2 free prints. No obligation to buy more for £60. He spend 30 mins convincing me and went down to £30 then finally to £20. I asked him you sure I get 2 free prints.I bought it for £20.He looked honest and genuine and said yes of course you do. I called 08448008884 to book an appointment.The guy sounded African. He was nice at first.So I asked him if its true i will get 2 free prints as Ron said. He said no, if it's not in the voucher they can't do it. I was furious at this point.I told him it's not okay to lie to clients to get them to buy the voucher.He kept ignoring me and started talking about something else. He obviously knew.He couldn't give a toss really about his colleague lying. He said it will not hold in any court as the voucher does not say that. Half of the time he wasn't hearing me nor did he even apologize for Ron's sales pitch.I asked him what the refund policy is,he kept ignoring me.Then finally said go and find Ron on the streets and tell him that.

I am in shock this is happening in UK. In 2013!!!This was a waste of my money and the worst customer service ever.They just don't give a toss about people's feelings. Very unethical sales pitch. A scam to lore women to buy their rather expensive photos.Ladies if u get approached please read the voucher thoroughly before paying for anything.what a load rubbish this company is.Scam scam scam!!!Stay away!!ignore the sales persons on the streets!!!The worst thing is the people who work for this dumb company actually think it's okay to lie to people.What is this world coming to??!!Donno how these people can sleep at night knowing they've just done a disservice to another human being.