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Ameti Healing Space

Amenti is a gifted healer, a natural intuitive, oracle and holistic health practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you reach your life goals and support you towards better health and vitality.

She comes from a long line of healers and strong women, with a passion for caring in the community and nurturing others. Amenti heals from the heart and is able to offer compassion, understanding and love to anyone she meet.

She offers a wide range of therapies and healing services to help achieve balance of mind body, spirit and daily life, with a unique sense of compassion, understanding and professionalism. Combining personal experience and years of study, Amenti is able to use the skills that helped her to change and transform her life, to help you do the same for yours

She has a deep passion for helping others to achieve the lives that they want and to help through traumatic life changes, as she knows only to well the crippling effects trauma can have on our lives.

Amenti is committed to sharing this knowledge with others so that they may also have the tools to achieve sustainable joy in their lives.

Latest review of Ameti Healing Space (4 reviews)

Amenti is a very talented healer and holistic therapist who uses a wide ranges of skills and techniques to help with the stress and strain of Life. I have used her services for years now and always experience a unique and professional service delivered with love. Her services are available in a variety of venues and she also comes to the house if needed. I couldn't recommend her more and i encourage you to try her services!

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