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Wahanda Connect

our free, easy to use tool that’ll transform the way you run your business

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Make managing your day easier than ever before

Whether you own a salon, a spa or work as a mobile practitioner, we’ll help you give customers a great experience without making your life more complicated.


Wahanda Connect is a clean, simple yet powerful tool that helps you streamline and strengthen your business.

You can use it to sell through the Wahanda Marketplace, but also as your primary appointment booking software.

And it's free!

your clients

Keeping up to date records and maintaining client relationships is key to customer satisfaction.

And it doesn't have to be a lengthy process - in developing our system, we’ve thought long and hard about how to save you time.


As well as selling and then scheduling appointments, Wahanda Connect allows you to send reminders to your customers via SMS and email.

Not only is this function handy for them, but it’ll prevent unplanned changes to your diary and minimise no-shows, saving you money too.

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    Set up
    your menu

    Whether you provide individual treatments or spa days and breaks, it’s quick and easy to add offers to your menu, set prices, upload images and define any discounts that you might have.

    The minute you make any changes your menu will be automatically updated on your Online Booking Widget and, if you wish to sell on Wahanda, on your venue page.

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    incoming bookings

    Once you’re fully listed, you can use your Connect Calendar to confirm incoming appointments, manage availability and redeem eVouchers.

    We will send email notifications so you don’t miss any of your sales - all you need to do is click a link to confirm or reschedule each appointment.

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    Allow customers
    to book online 24/7

    More than 30% of bookings taken by venues working with us are made through the Online Booking Widget, which can be added to your existing website.

    This nifty feature reduces your time on the phone and allows you to focus on what you do best - providing high quality services to your clients.

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    Email and SMS

    We will send automatic email and text reminders to your customers to notify them about upcoming appointments. This saves your time and prevents unplanned changes in your diary.

    Text message reminders have proven to reduce no-show rate and increase customer satisfaction.

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    Hotel Spas,
    you’re welcome too!

    Wahanda Connect supports room and facility management for spa days and overnight stays.

    Seasonal pricing can be as flexible as you wish and inventory management is both efficient and straightforward.

Wherever, whenever

Wahanda Connect works in your browser. This means that there’s no software to download or install and it runs on any type of device you might have: Windows or Mac, iPad or Android tablet and iPhones or any other web-connected smartphone.

It’s all
in the cloud

Even when your internet connection is down, you can use a lightweight version of Wahanda Connect on your smartphone to continue managing your day.

100% secure
& reliable

We take data security and reliability very seriously.

We use bank-grade data encryption, highly reliable infrastructure and - most importantly - a well-trained technical team to take care of everything.


Give us a call 0330 100 3515

Getting started is easy

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  3. Start marketing your business and selling on Wahanda

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