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Wahanda tried and tested: Vixen Nail Bar and Beauty

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Wahanda tried and tested: Vixen Nail Bar and Beauty

Being one of these people who finds plucking my eyebrows incredibly tedious, I thought it was about time I tried something new to keep my unruly brows in check. When I was given the opportunity to test out threading at brand new salon Vixen Nail Bar and Beauty, I thought this could be the answer…

The venue

Situated in an up and coming hot spot in north London, Vixen Nail Bar and Beauty has plenty of glamour, personality and also bags of ambition to continuously improve itself. Literally next door to Totteridge and Whetstone station, the commute couldn’t be simpler, especially for a navigational nightmare like me. With tall glass fronting the salon, the bright whites and peachy orange illuminating the inside spill out onto the street with a very inviting atmosphere.

Owned and run by sisters Hanieh and Tanya, Vixen is open plan, with a single long mani station and a row of tall, squidgy looking pedicure seats (complete with wi-fi access for the busy bees among us). For them, it’s all about giving us girls a chance to spoil and pamper ourselves with our friends. They're even planning on becoming a champagne nail bar on Friday and Saturday nights, giving complimentary bubbly to pampered party goers before they hit the town.

The treatment

I have a confession – my eyebrows receive minimal attention from me. I may attack between my brows with my tweezers when I get desperate, but I have never spent that much time on them. However for therapist Tanya, the eyebrows are the most important thing on your face, with the ability to really enhance your eyes and complement your face shape. Tanya has been threading for five years and is incredibly professional – explaining how the treatment works and even giving me a demo on the back of my hand, so I can see what it feels like. Her main passion is shaping the brows; she really studies my face, similar to how a hairdresser would advise you on a new cut to work out what I need.

We agree on a natural, tidy look, keeping the thickness as it suits my face. She tells me that threading can feel like a series of tiny electric shocks, which does worry me slightly, but her sheer professionalism puts me at ease, as she plucks, trims and threads the tops, bottom and in between my neglected eyebrows.

When it was time for my manicure, I was bombarded with a choice of colours from big brands Jessica, Essie and OPI. I opted for a red-pink Essie shade in the end, and perfectionist Tanya was again very thorough with the varnish application and with the neatening up afterwards. When shaping the nails, she consults you all the time so you will always get what you want. She also gave me a divine mini hand massage with a gorgeous mango hand lotion that really relaxed me after a day bent over my laptop.

The results

I was impressed by the threading, and giving them a tidy underneath really does give you a wide-eyed look. I love how neat and sleek they look, without being over-groomed - and I still look like me, which was good news. The manicure was also a real treat, with Tanya taking her time to get the ideal glossy finish, making me promise not to rummage in my bag on the way home.

Tanya’s passion for beauty kick-started in her teens, and really shines through in her dedication to provide the perfect treatment, whatever that may be. They have only been open for a week, and listening to their plans for what they want to achieve makes me just as excited as they are. Great people, extremely professional services and an open, friendly atmosphere – I would definitely head back next time I need a treat.

Planning a night out? Why not get dolled up with Vixen’s Luxury mani / pedi…

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