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Tried and tested: Thai Massage at Thai London Therapy – Mobile

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Tried and tested: Thai Massage at Thai London Therapy – Mobile

Last July, I was lucky enough to sample Baker Street’s home of massage Thai London Therapy for an exotic Thai Combination massage, soon after they opened their doors for the first time. Eight months down the line I decided to head back, but this time Thai London Therapy have added an extra string to their bow in the form of a second venue in equally central South Kensington. I was invited along to see if their new venture matched up to the first.

The venue

Just a two minute walk away from Gloucester Road tube station, Thai London Therapy owner Yanapat has opted to open her second venue in chic South Kensington, to use as a base for the brand new mobile section of her blooming business. With a fantastically central location in an affluent area of our capital, Yanapat has high hopes of spreading the benefits of the traditional Thai massage among her numerous new and returning clientele.

The day I arrived for my treatment was actually the salon’s opening day, so although the paintwork was just dry and the cream coated walls not yet decorated or furnished, Thai London Therapy still oozed a welcoming atmosphere, mostly due to Yanapat’s enthusiastic and warm personality (especially when describing her ambitions to own a beaded curtain to further segregate her business from the beauty and hair parlour upstairs).

The treatment room was small but cosy, with burnt orange muslin style fabric hanging in drapes across the ceiling, oriental style lanterns decorating the side table and traditional music quietly playing in the background. What was unusual was that there was no massage bed – instead, a large square brown mattress-style futon took up the whole surface area of the floor for me to lie on. At first glance, I was dubious about my comfort but all the same intrigued for the massage to begin.

The treatment

I sampled an hour-long Thai Massage, performed by the petite and polite Sandy. Traditionally, Thai massage is a combination of pressure points and stretching, that uses a very small amount of oil (otherwise the massage can be rather uncomfortable). Sandy started the treatment with the pressure points, covering my body in towels and using a firm and experienced grip to push and rotate certain patches and points across my entire body. My favourite part of this section was when she worked on my hips, probably an area that doesn’t always get a lot of attention in massages.

Using a medium level of pressure, Sandy was a complete professional, using quick, small and precise movements and flickering fast touches to really work deep into my muscles. The great thing about lying on the floor is that the therapist is able to get much better angles on your body and reach more of you, which seemed to deliver a higher quality massage. The futon was perfectly comfortable as well, so I had no qualms about the approach – I even nearly dozed off at one point.

Sandy paid huge attention to detail during the treatment and she was exact in all of her movements. She expertly read the tension in my body, spotting muscle knots and working her fingers from my spine to different muscle groups, so literally not a patch of me was missed. The back and front of my legs, arms, hands and neck were tackled and Sandy also delivered a strong scalp massage that had me wondering if I would be sporting a new 'volumised' hairstyle when I left. For the final part, I sat up and Sandy went back to work on my back and neck, using her arms as well as her elbows, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘elbow grease’.

The results

This massage treatment really delivered. Sandy attacked my weary muscles with efficient techniques and a precise purpose of unleashing all the pent up stress and tension housed in my body. As a result of being propped up over my desk and sometimes hitting the gym a bit too religiously, I know that I carry tension across my neck and shoulder blades, and Sandy ensured that she spent plenty of time kneading these areas to rid me of any aches and pains.

I honestly feel as if my problem areas were zoned in on, and I also loved the firm leg massage I received, which was blissful. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend either venue to everyone if I could, as I would love to try even more of their massage treatments. Yanapat and her team are so inclusive, friendly and welcoming that you can’t help but fall in love with Thai London Therapy for its personality as well as its impossibly high standards.

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