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Wahanda tried and tested: Meder Arma Lift Facial at Princess Soraya Salon

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Wahanda tried and tested: Meder Arma Lift Facial at Princess Soraya Salon

With the hype that surrounds any new celebrity treatment, I'm always curious to see whether the reviews match the reality. With the likes of Harrods and EF Medispa now supplying the new range of Meder anti-ageing facial treatments, I was thrilled when local London salon Princess Soraya also began to offer this exclusive brand – especially when they offered to introduce me to the treatment…

The venue

Princess Soraya Salon is different to your normal run of the mill spa experience. Devoid of tinkling music and scented candles, you are instead ushered into therapist Firouzeh’s multi-story home, only a short walk away from Finchley Road tube station. Far from being off-putting, her hospitality is infectious and I settled into the yellow and gold living room before being generously bombarded by Belgian cookies and coffee while Firouzeh tidied the treatment room after her previous client.

Despite being based in what is clearly a family home, there is still complete professionalism in the presentation and layout of the salon business. The whole second floor of the building is dedicated to Firouzeh’s work, with a small treatment room adjacent to a bathroom where you get changed before and after treatments. Although not super sleek and stylised, you simply feel like you have popped round a friend’s house and this in turn puts you at ease.

The treatment

Following in the footsteps of the celebs, I would be having Meder’s Arma Lift Facial, one in their collection of machine-based facials that are designed to combat sagging skin, fine lines and any tell-tale signs that your skin may have passed its prime. Firouzeh, who specialises in machine focused facials, explained to me how Meder’s extremely strong selection of serums and creams are used with a weak galvanic current as a replacement for Botox injections, and although they are usually performed in a course of five treatments, visible results can be seen after your first session. With a client base ranging from a 31 year old singer to a 92 year old doctor, Firouzeh told me that Meder facials are now easily her best sellers.

Meder facials come in clearly labelled red boxes containing individually numbered tubes of serums and creams to be used during the treatment. The six products are designed to be used one by one, alongside an all-important cloth face mask packed with peptide serums. However, Firouzeh likes to embellish her facial treatments to really cater to her clients as well as ensure that she provides results. To kick start the treatment, she gave my skin a thorough clean using steam, cleanser and toner so that it was as prepared as possible for the absorption of the numerous Meder goodies.

The succession of Meder products began with a grainy exfoliator. Firouzeh spent a lot of time applying and working it into my skin, claiming that exfoliation is one of the most important steps in any facial treatment. She then layered the serums on top of each other and used expert lymphatic drainage massage techniques on my face to work them into my skin. She also pushed toxins lurking beneath the surface towards the lymph nodes in a bid to combat dark circles and under eye bags.

Finally, a material mask, glistening with peptide serums, was placed very securely over my face and neck. I was given a metal rod to hold, covered with a damp cloth, which is apparently the negative end of the electric galvanic current. Firouzeh held the positive end in two small metal facial rollers, which she proceeded to run up and around my face. She explained how the currents would be attracted to each other and therefore combine to really push and force the strong products deep into my skin, gaining a much better penetration than with your normal manual facial.

After about ten minutes of dedicated rollering, Firouzeh gave me a firm-handed neck and shoulder massage while the mask was left on my face for a further ten minutes. She then left me alone in the room for another seven minutes with the mask still in place. When she returned, the mask was peeled off and the final selections of serums were smoothed over my skin. Meder doesn’t make an eye cream, so Firouzeh chose to treat the area with her preferred Spanish brand, Capuccini.

The results

It is evident that Firouzeh is completely results driven – she researches every single product and procedure so that she only offers her client base what she considers the best in anti-ageing skincare. With 30 years in the health and beauty business and following in the footsteps of her famous Iranian salon owner mother, Firouzeh is not only a complete professional but takes an active interest in how to improve your skin texture and general health.

Since the facial I was given was aimed at people with more mature skin, I can’t really comment on its wrinkle-busting properties. However, I left with my complexion glowing and with super-soft and clear skin. Firouzeh tells me that she more than happy to use the Meder facials with her usual non-surgical face lift work, so for her, it is really about combining the best of the bunch to provide unique facials that yield clear results on every customer. I would wholehearted recommend Princess Soraya Salon – Firouzeh clearly knows her stuff, and is definitely one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful therapists I have ever encountered.

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