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Wahanda tried and tested: Karin Herzog Smoothie Luxury Hydrating Facial

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Wahanda tried and tested: Karin Herzog Smoothie Luxury Hydrating Facial

When it comes to facials, the real stars of the show are always going to be the products lined up beside the treatment bed. After trying a few different brands at various salons, I wasn’t really sure if they were achieving the clean and clear results that I was striving for. When The Beauty Lounge E11 invited me down to sample one of their luxury facials, using a brand I have never come across before, I was excited to see whether this one would do the trick…

The venue

Situated on Leytonstone’s high street, The Beauty Lounge E11 has fantastic transport links. It's only a 10 minute walk from the nearest tube station, but also has an overground station nearby and sits on an abundance of bus routes. The venue has only been open for business for four months, but I could completely understand why they were already getting booked up. The salon has a really fresh and vibrant feel, with clean, minimalist white wooden décor, although cherry red accents and large close-up floral prints give it a bold dash of personality. This polished professionalism continues with the staff as I meet my therapist Ilona, decked out in a bright red therapist uniform.

The treatment

Today I was set to sample an intensely moisturising and decadent Smoothie Luxury Hydrating Facial, using a number of Karin Herzog products. Ilona explained how unlike other salons who always use Dermalogica, The Beauty Lounge E11 opted instead to have Karin Herzog as their in-house brand of choice because their products are made entirely from natural essential oils. This ensures that the scents are punchy, yet the products remain light on the skin as well as being packed full of replenishing minerals. Karin Herzog was also the brand that invented and developed oxygen technology, which gives skin cells a boosting source of energy. As I settled under a sheepskin blanket, Ilona told me that the 90 minute treatment was all about relaxation, so I didn’t have to worry about extractions or anything harsh on my skin.

This was the first time I had come across Karin Herzog products in a treatment and I was intrigued to see how they would stand up against the bigger brands. The treatment was very slow-paced to really encourage you to lie back and relax, with lots of time where you are left alone to have a little doze if you wish. After taking my makeup off, Ilona began with a gentle cleanse and tone, and then used a fine and gritty exfoliator. She used her whole hand in large, sweeping and soft movements, particularly concentrating around the nostrils, temples and eyebrows. What I liked was that not only was my face getting a thorough dose of creams and serums, but she also ensured she covered my entire neck and the top of my chest too so that nothing was left out. After the initial stages, Ilona delicately dabbed an orange-scented high concentrate cream around my eyebrows, forehead, nostrils and chin.

Once my skin was thoroughly cleansed, Ilona moved on to the massage section of the treatment, using jojoba oil with a citrusy lemongrass scent. She assured me that despite being an oil, it was still suitable for use on my combination skin as it was so light that it didn’t block pores. The massage felt like it lasted for a blissful eternity as once again Ilona covered my whole face as well as my neck, chest and shoulders. She used a mix of Swedish massage techniques as well as pressure point work around my nostrils, temples and lips. I actually think I may have napped at this point.

After the massage, my face once again received a thorough clean up, this time using Karin Herzog’s famed oxygen therapy products. Ilona showed me how the solutions worked by placing some of the serum in my hand. I rubbed my hands together and then squeezed them shut into fists. I was amazed to really feel the gel bubble and fizz in my hands. When applied onto your face, it is great for encouraging blood circulation as well as hydrating and cleaning your pores.

Next it was time for the heavy moisturisation, as a hot thermal gel face mask was applied to my face. It was actually really hot when it first went on but then it cooled down to a comfortable warmth. Once that was applied, Ilona covered my face with a special gauze, before applying a second, mineral-rich clay mask on top. As she evened out the final layer, Ilona explained that sandwiching the products ensures all of the nutrients make their way deep into the skin. The concoction of creams was left on for 15 minutes, while I was left to my own devices to snooze.

Once the masks had done their work, the layers were carefully removed and my face cleansed once more. Ilona circled an eye cream around my eye sockets and lips before finishing with a rich and musky floral facial oil, which she dabbed systematically around the edge of my face and either side of my eyebrows, nose and chin.

The results

Waking up enough to physically leave the salon was a problem, so the treatment definitely allows you to completely unwind after a stressful day in the office. I couldn’t keep up with the numerous products used on my skin but I distinctly remember them all smelling great – definitely the most wonderfully scented facial I have ever had. Ilona even gave me a small sample of my favourite facial oil to take home. When I checked out my skin, I couldn’t believe how good it looked – even my spots looked less angry. My complexion was even, dewy, silky soft to touch and I could also smell the lovely facial oils still on my skin.

Ilona was the ultimate professional – she completely understood how each product worked, how they worked in combination with each other and how they would work to benefit my skin. She made me feel so looked after, and she was incredibly eager to make sure that I was fully relaxed at all times, completely putting me at ease as soon as I stepped in through the door. She was warm, polite and full of smiles. If you just need to escape the radar for some healing me-time, I strongly recommend you check out this hidden gem.

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