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Wahanda tried and tested: Deluxe Gel Manicure at Splash Goodge Street

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Wahanda tried and tested: Deluxe Gel Manicure at Splash Goodge Street

As a girl who feels naked without nail polish, I jumped at the chance to sample a long lasting and chip free gel manicure treatment at one of Splash’s four London based salons. Located just off Tottenham Court Road, I easily found my way to the Goodge Street branch. With bare hands buried in my coat pockets, I was ready to see if Splash could deliver to my high standards.

The venue

My first impressions of the Goodge Street branch were great, as manager Francesco warmly ushered me in, shook my hand, whisked off my coat and provided me with a glass of chilled white wine. He then lead me downstairs where all of the beauty treatments were performed, away from the whir of hairdryers by the main entrance.

The décor was very city chic – a minimalist black, red and white space, with modern grey cityscape art and metal chain links decorating the walls. Chilled dance tracks played quietly in the background, adding to the young, fresh vibe. Despite being a sleek looking venue, it was still extremely comfortable, and I could feel myself beginning to unwind as I stook my seat at the nail bar.

The treatment

I sampled a classic gel manicure, with the polite and unassuming Daniella. Despite only working at Splash for five months, she was professional to the core. Although the beauty therapists have to be trained in all disciplines, it was evident that nails were Daniella’s speciality, as she provided useful tips and comments throughout the treatment.

She began with the most intense cuticle work my nails have ever undergone, working both the base as well as the sides of my nails. As well as clippers, she even used nail scissors to really get rid of everything, helping to create a pristine base for the polish. She also asked me to let her know if it was painful at any point, as cuticle work can push on tender areas, and this was actually the first time a manicurist has said that to me during treatment, which I liked.

After a vigorous buffing, she got to work shaping my nails, ensuring that she got my thoughts on what I would prefer. Again, she passed on her expertise, suggesting that to create a more defined, rounded shape, she file a little further down the sides of the nail, as my nails are currently a bit on the short side. Once she was done, they looked great, and after a quick coat of CND ScrubFresh to completely dry the surface, I got to pick my polish.

Splash offer a variety of colours, both Shellac and Gelish, and in the end I chose a muted plum Shellac shade that Daniella assured me would look “sexier on shorter nails”. After application, a chunky peach salt scrub was daubed generously on my hands, which Daniella rubbed in with a mini hand massage. After rinsing my hands, my skin was left soft and smooth. She continued by applying lotion and then made sure the nails were clean before using a fruity scented oil to keep my cuticles supple.

The results

I would venture to say that this all-encompassing nail treatment was the best manicure I have ever received. Although not particularly talkative, Daniella was very friendly and the ultimate professional - never have my nails looked so uniform and neat. I loved the added extras of the scrub and lotion (not forgetting the wine!) that gave hands some much needed TLC.

I also thoroughly loved the fun atmosphere at Splash Goodge Street. Francesco was extremely attentive, double checking that I was happy with the wine, that the treatment was going well, and whether the music was too loud for me. The staff all seemed more like friends than colleagues, stopping to admire each other’s work on clients and treating every customer with the utmost respect and generosity. I felt like they enjoyed having me there and that for them, work wasn’t a chore but a pleasure. I will definitely be visiting again for my pre-holiday beauty fix.

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