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Tried and tested: Deep Cleansing Facial at Amara Spa

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Tried and tested: Deep Cleansing Facial at Amara Spa

Among the trials and tribulations of having sensitive skin is the fact that my skincare regime is pretty basic, boring and actually leaves me a bit baffled. Always admiring the peachy, dewy complexion of others, I never know which products or routines I should be using to enhance my own. Seeking an professional opinion, I wondered if the experts at Amara Spa would be able to shed some light on how I could get my temperamental pores and pimples whipped into shape, and transformed into a much striven after glow… 

The venue

A two minute walk from Putney Bridge tube station, Amara Spa oozes an aura of calm and professionalism from the moment you arrive. The simple shop front and well-presented reception hide an extensive warren of rooms behind. While you may be expecting your regular high street salon, with a little investigation you will find a fully-fledged spa – complete with relaxation lounge, candle framed corridors and soothing ambience. Thoughtfully decorated in gender-neutral shades (deep purple and white) a clean and classy décor is maintained throughout the entire building, helping guests to instantly unwind. 

This polished venue seemed to have countless levels, with an extra upstairs and downstairs, and treatment rooms tucked down every turn. The treatment rooms were a good size, with plenty of space for me, the therapist, the massage bed, and a ton of products. Everything about the spa seemed to have been designed for my relaxation, and before the treatment had even began, I was feeling calmer.

The treatment

I visited Amara Spa to sample their signature treatment, the Deep Cleansing Facial, an hour-long treatment that uses a whole host of Dermalogica products. My therapist, Henrietta, explained that she would start with a double cleanse to really strip the skin back so that we could evaluate my skin type and decide what areas needed focusing on. While cleansing my skin, Henrietta also turned on a steam lamp that she directed towards my face to gently open my pores – and nearly send me to sleep. 

Covering my eyes with cotton wool, Henrietta cranked up the lights to perform her diagnosis. She declared that my skin was in desperate need of hydration, especially across my cheeks, and asked me whether the acne warfare currently occupying my chin (my words not hers) was a regular fixture. She told me we’d kick off the treatment with an exfoliation, followed by blackhead extractions and concluded by an intense whammy of hydration to completely rejuvenate my sorry skin.

Henrietta warned me that the exfoliator may make my skin tingle, but it was actually fine, and the medium pressured facial massage techniques she used to lather up the scrub and work it into my skin felt lovely. Once squeaky clean again, we moved on to the extraction. I was a bit worried about this stage, as I have never had extractions before (my facial experience is rather limited) and to be honest, it sounded a little painful. As it happened, it was nothing more than a pinch, and it was great knowing that with every pluck, my skin was getting cleaner and fresher. Henrietta followed this up with a bitingly fresh toner (that reminded me of cucumbers) before moving on to the intense moisturisation stage of the treatment. Henrietta massaged lotion into my face before applying a thick gel face mask that felt cool on my skin and smelt like oats. 

While the mask worked its magic, Henrietta gave me a relaxing neck, shoulder and chest massage, using warm oil. As she used her knuckles to soothe my tension-riddled neck I was incredibly impressed by her massage skills. The pressure was spot on – enough to help me unwind without making me feel like a piece of dough – and I was pleasantly surprised by how soothing it is to be massaged around the eye sockets. 

After the mask, I was spritzed with a jasmine scented toner, before a few more moisturising products were applied with care to different sections of my face.

The results

Touching my skin after the treatment, I was amazed by it's silky smoothness, and very impressed by how healthy it looked. My skin seemed to be glowing, bursting with an unusual freshness and cleanliness. I felt completely cleansed on every level, my skin clearly rejuvenated by some intense TLC. A definite winner of a treatment, not only does this facial deliver, providing a much sought after glow, but it is also wonderfully relaxing and soothing. The fantastically friendly staff and high quality environment were bonus points that really make Amara Spa a must visit venue.

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