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Wahanda tried and tested: De-Stress Package at La Chic Beauty and Holistic

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Wahanda tried and tested: De-Stress Package at La Chic Beauty and Holistic

I can’t help but be intrigued when faced with an ambiguous sounding treatment like La Chic Beauty and Holistic’s De-Stress Package. Owner and therapist Raheela invited me down to her newest Ilford-based venue to discover the various holistic treats that make up this wonderful wind-down package.

The venue

Attempting to bring a slice of serene spa life to an affluent part of Ilford, salon owner Raheela has really pulled out all the stops to create a uniquely warm and welcoming atmosphere. Decorated in tones of beige and rich chocolate brown, the salon is softly lit with chandelier-style lamps that enhance the elegant ambience.

It is evident that a lot of thought and planning has gone into the layout, presentation and purpose of Raheela’s second salon, which only opened its doors last month. Striving to offer the local clientele an all-encompassing, luxury spa experience on their doorstep, this Aladdin’s cave of a venue contains a dry sauna, three spacious treatment rooms, shower room and exercise room complete with Flabelos machine, as well as the main reception area containing workspaces for nail and eyebrow treatments.

The only downside is that it may not be the easiest location to reach, as all of the local train stations (Gants Hill, Barkingside, Ilford) are a bit of a trek away so you'd need to catch a bus as well. Although you could drive, the only parking available is on the shop front and in the street, which is free, but could also get busy during the day.

The treatment

Having recently begun using a range of natural Coolherbal products, Raheela was keen to introduce me to the revitalising world of Ayurvedic treatments through her five stage De-Stress Package. I started off the treatment with a twenty minute detox session in the dry sauna. Looking like a fancy wooden shed with a glass door that was situated in the largest treatment room, it was a lovely unexpected extra that set the tone for the journey of the treatment.

After being plied with glasses of water, I was moved across into the treatment room opposite, ready to begin the full body scrub. Aiming to improve blood circulation, Raheela methodologically massaged the chunky and citrus scented lime and lemongrass scrub into each of my limbs in turn, thoroughly working away until blood flushed beneath the skin. After working on each limb, she conscientiously wiped the skin with a warm wet towel before moving on to cover areas including my stomach, back and neck.

While my body was glowing away after the scrub, Raheela moved on to perform the mini facial section of the treatment. It included a basic cleanse and tone as well as a clay scrub mask which had a faint orange scent. Also included was an Ayurvedic face lift massage, which really relaxed my facial muscles and worked the mask deeper into my skin. I was then directed along the corridor to the well-appointed shower facilities. A nicely sized walk in shower (complete with beige and dark brown tiles, shower curtain and thoughtfully placed shower gel and clean towel) allowed me to wash off the excess scrub, and return to the treatment room squeaky clean and ready for the next step.

The final part of my treatment was a full body Ayurvedic massage, which was quite simply divine. The massage oil used was lightly spiced and reminded me of hot cross buns, which I actually found relaxing. The section began with a head massage while I sat in a chair next to the massage bed. Warm oil was poured into my hair and Raheela used gentle and slow movements to rotate my head, helping to stretch out my sore desk-cramped neck. She then used rapid rubbing style movements in my hair and across my scalp, before moving on to my neck and shoulders, where she instantly found and worked away on a bundle of tension knots.

I then hopped back onto the massage bed for the rest of the massage, which covered the front and back of my legs and arms, as well as my back, top of my chest and face. The Ayurvedic style uses a lot of firm pressure point pushes, which Raheela explained targets areas where toxins are said to build up and frees up tension. There was also a lot of rotating and movement of my limbs to gently stretch me out, while the main massage technique used involved smoothing, stroking motions that swept along my skin. There was no hardcore kneading although Raheela did more precise ‘c’ shape moves with her thumbs along my spine and also reinforced her earlier deeper work on the tight spots littering my shoulder blades.

The results

I thoroughly enjoyed this varied package that really is a treat for your entire body. Despite their Ayurvedic origins, the Coolherbal products don’t have an intensely overpowering aroma and are instead very light, natural, fresh and fruity, which I preferred. Raheela is clearly an experienced professional (she worked as a mobile therapist for nine years before turning her hand at salon ownership) and her knowledge made the treatment a real pleasure. Labelled as a de-stress package, it certainly lives up to its name as I spent a good couple of hours feeling completely pampered and blissed out. I may have left the salon looking slightly dishevelled thanks to the oil-filled head massage, but I felt cleansed, relaxed and satisfied that my muscles had been thoroughly soothed.

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