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Tried and tested: Thai Combination Massage at Thai London Therapy

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Tried and tested: Thai Combination Massage at Thai London Therapy

After starting my massage journey last week with a Chinese Tui Na at Good Nature, this week I’ve continued my exotic Eastern theme with an intriguing Thai Combination massage at central London based Thai London Therapy. I wasn’t 100% sure what styles of massage would be mixed up to create the combination, but I was keen to find out...

The venue

Therapist and owner Yanapat decided to set up shop near London’s famed Baker Street after working on a cruise ship. Only a short walk from Baker Street tube station, Thai London Therapy has a great central location, although I had trouble finding the entrance. I ended up going in through a very random back way – behind a cafe and through a gym. Once inside, it had that definitive salon feel, with glossy wooden flooring and minimalist white walls. The treatment room was small but extremely comfortable, with tinkling oriental music in the background. Despite the blistering July lunchtime heat, I was perfectly comfortable from the start.

The treatment

For my Thai Combination massage (£35), the incredibly polite and lovely Yanapat explained that she would be using a mix of Thai, Swedish and sports massage during my hour long session. Thai massage focuses on stretching, so having your limbs physically picked up and put into positions where you feel the pull in your muscles. The sports massage deals more with pressure points and being pushed in exact spots across your neck, shoulders and back, especially near your spine. The Swedish massage was all about big sweeping motions and the typical relaxing kneading that we all associate with going for a massage.

I started off lying on my front, with towels covering my back, each leg and my feet. Yanapat nimbly climbed aboard the massage table with me to begin with the sports massage style, pushing in my tensions spots. Then she removed the towel from my back to begin the Swedish section, using unscented oil. Not only did she get stuck in with her hands, but she made the most of her whole body, using her arms and elbows too.

I felt real relief when she ran her elbow alongside my spine and then let it slide down my shoulder, next to my neck. She was extremely thorough, covering every single inch of me so really enabling me to fully unwind. Her hands swam across both my arms, down to my palms and even down each finger. I know I carry tension across my neck and shoulders, so she kneaded my right shoulder blade particularly well, before continuing up my neck, all the way up to behind my ears.

Once my back massage was all done, she lifted the towel up so I could roll over in relative privacy and she could continue with my front. Once again down my arms, hands, legs and feet, before tackling across my shoulders and the very top of my chest. After washing the oil from her hands, she then began a head massage, driving her fingers through my hair with a slightly scratchy sensation. She even stroked down my face, over my eyebrows and round my jaw line.

She then began with the Thai stretching, lifting my leg in the air and holding it straight before leaning forward, then bending my leg and pushing it into me. The stretches were a little achy, like after a workout. She then slowly pulled me upwards to a sitting position, to do some final gentle exercises across my neck and back.

The results

My body has never felt so nourished. The exquisite attention to detail really made all the difference as Yanapat ensures she tailors all her massages to suit her clients’ needs. Knowing that I am a massage newbie, she did a majority of Swedish, with sample sections of the tougher sports and stretching Thai styles, so she is very flexible in her approach; no two massages are ever the same with her.

Another thing I liked was that her hands never left my body, even when she had to reach for more oil she always kept one hand in contact, keeping the magical soothing spell intact. I feel as if all my muscles have simply melted under Yanapat’s brushing fingers and I would definitely recommend this style of massage, as well as this venue, to anyone. It was brilliantly relaxing and I nearly dozed off a couple of times. A beautifully blissful hour.

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