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Tried and tested: Spa Day at Amida Spa Farnham at David Lloyd

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Tried and tested: Spa Day at Amida Spa Farnham at David Lloyd

Keen to relax after a busy week in the city, I was excited to be given the chance to explore the new Amida Spa in Farnham, Surrey, with fellow copywriter and partner in crime Micaela. Only an hour and a half away from London (and the same from my native Essex), it was just right for a sunny Saturday escape.

The venue

Even though this Amida Spa is housed in the same building as a calorie-busting David Lloyd gym, it feels like they're a world apart. As soon as I followed the Amida logo down a blue carpeted corridor, the soft music hit me along with the gentle scents and already I could feel the stress of my journey on the M25 disappear.

A casual seating area with white leather sofas leads off into various treatment rooms, complete with thick double doors to eliminate any possibility of disturbing the relaxation within. Once donned in the traditional robe and flip flops of spa goers, the helpful receptionist gave us a guided tour of the numerous facilities on offer. The whole spa had a surprisingly stylish feel, with modern black marble and slate walls and flooring.

Surrounding a multi-coloured chandelier-clad ice chute were a variety of steam rooms and saunas. The salt grotto had a strong menthol smell that really helped clear the airways, while the oriental steam room smelt divine with strong floral scents and quite a heavy fog. The crystal steam room was the hottest, with a less pungent smell, although I personally loved the ylang ylang tones in the oriental room.

With about five different saunas at varying temperatures, you don’t have to worry about over-heating or overcrowding as you can pick and choose which hot spot you prefer. If you're unsure which one to opt for, each room has a handy sign next to the door, clearly explaining what it is and how you can make the most of it. For example, I never knew that the recommended routine was sitting in a hot place, such as a steam room or sauna, followed by smothering yourself in ice from the chute. The tropical shower also smelt wonderful, reminding me of pina colada cocktails.

I tried out the tepidarium for size too - heated stone loungers in a room that's flooded with sunlight. Despite the hard surface, they were surprisingly comfortable, following the curve of my spine so that I felt supported and relaxed.

When giving us our tour, the receptionist hurriedly showed us the general pool, telling us it was unlikely we'd want to use it. I thought it looked rather welcoming - until I saw the pools in the spa section. The indoor salt pool was styled like an infinity pool, the water perfectly smooth and complete with music playing underwater. Padded loungers skirted the pool offering a comfy spot to leave your towels or chill out in peace. As we stepped outside, there was also a large hydrotherapy pool surrounded by sun loungers and a separate bubbling Jacuzzi.

The treatment

Aromatherapy Associates Full Body Massage

As if indulging in the sophisticated and sleek spa facilities weren’t enough, I also sampled an Aromatherapy Associates Full Body Massage for a blissful 55 minutes, with the very lovely Frankie. She seemed to use a mix of styles including sweeping Swedish massage techniques as well as pushing on pressure points.

She started on my back, before moving on to my legs, which she massaged thoroughly both front and back, which was perfect as I do quite a bit of sport. I also had a short head massage at the end to finish off the treatment. I would have liked the back massage to be a little longer and slightly more pressure, but my legs in particular felt really good afterwards so there were no complaints from me.

Aromatherapy Associates Essential Rose Facial

The Aromatherapy Associates Essential Rose Facial is a 55 minute treatment designed to condition the skin and deeply nourish. It had been almost a year since my last facial, so I was definitely in need of giving my skin a little TLC. The treatment began with cleansing to remove any traces of dirt or makeup while I got settled and relaxed on the heated (and very comfy!) treatment couch. Next was a stimulating yet deeply relaxing head and scalp massage - targeting pressure points and massaging them so well to the point of me almost falling asleep!

Work then began on my face; several layers of cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, moisturising and oiling ensued, each working up from the chest and neck area. This wasn’t a truly detoxifying facial – no deep exfoliation or extraction - but was perfect for my needs. I wanted something that would perk up my skin and feel like a real treat. A week later, my skin was not only clear and had its glow back, it was still moisturised and felt a lot more supple – something I’ve never found with any other facial.

The results

The Amida Spa in Farnham really does have everything you could possibly wish for. Even their spa bar and relaxation areas oozed peace and tranquillity. The food offered was perfectly cooked and had great presentation so you can sup with style in between lounging around and pampering. For more interaction, they hold sauna classes, where you use a mix of the rooms before dunking yourself in the plunge pool. Equally, there's plenty of space for a personal time out if you just want to be alone - I'll definitely be back for more.

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