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Wahanda tried and tested: Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Ox Facial at Body & Sole

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Wahanda tried and tested: Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Ox Facial at Body & Sole

Having sensitive skin has led me to shy away from facials, as I always worried about whether it will finish with red rashes rather than a radiant glow. But when the chance came up to sample this new Caudalie Anti-Ox treatment that uses juicy grapes to revive skin, I thought I'd better give it a go. Only available at two venues, I was intrigued about what made this treatment so special...

The venue

Body & Sole is only a 10 minute bus ride away from Ealing Broadway station and even for a hopeless navigator like me, getting the right bus was surprisingly simple. Granted, it took me a while to find the salon in the promenade of shops, since they don’t have a sign on top (I later found out that the outside of the shop was being decorated and the new sign hadn't been put up yet). I managed to catch a glimpse of their logo through the glass front so I knew I was in the right place.

Inside, the decor oozes relaxation with polished wood flooring, large gilt-framed mirrors and soft cream walls. My therapist was the highly experienced Sarah, who has been qualified for six years and working at Body & Sole for four. She was clearly an expert with the lemon and blossom scented Caudalie products, so I was looking forward to the treatment.

The treatment

The hour-long Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Ox Facial uniquely used grapes, as well as bucket loads of gorgeous citrus Caudalie products to completely nourish my tired skin with vitamins.

Since this was my first facial, Sarah explained each step of the treatment before she did it, so that I wouldn’t be caught unawares by what was going on my face. It started with a thorough cleansing, after which she turned up the lights so she could inspect how my skin reacted, deftly analysing me as if she were reading a map – I now know that I have dry skin across my forehead, oily around my mouth and sensitive skin everywhere else.

With this information she tailored the products, opting for the gentler choices so that it wouldn’t aggravate my sensitive patches. After a gentle exfoliation came the first of many grape water sprays – like refreshingly zingy rain tickling my face, followed by the strongest scented product, a minty Beauty Elixir that acted as a spray toner (and it can also be used to keep makeup in place).

Granted, it does seem a little out of the blue to have sliced up grapes placed on your face, but it was actually refreshing - Sarah used the grape slices almost like her fingertips to massage my face with small sweeping movements. The anti-oxidants in the grapes would be ideal for my dry forehead, whilst also providing hydration across my skin.

The best thing about this facial is the fact that it is so manual – the movement is just as important as the facial products. There's even an entire massage section, where sensitive oil was used across my shoulders, neck, top of my chest and along my arms and hands. The massage continued on my face so it really felt like an all-over relaxation. The next step was a face mask, applied using two brushes, which she left for about 10 minutes to work its magic, giving me a divine foot massage in the meantime, with softly scented foot lotion.

To complete the treatment, my face was loaded with moisturising products to really indulge my skin, starting with a Radiance Day Fluid, a serum and then an intense eye cream. She topped it off with a tinted day cream to help rid my skin of the post-facial redness for my journey home.

The results

I was really impressed with all aspects of the facial, and the attention to detail from Sarah was incredible. The therapists aim to help you to find the right skincare for you, so you get your very own beauty prescription, in which are images of all the Caudalie products, with ticks next to the ones that were used during the facial. Sarah even quizzed me about my home skin routines, and when I said I hadn’t really tried skin masks, she produced some samples for me to take home.

This facial is an excellent all rounder – as well as giving your face a thorough going over with plenty of complimenting Caudalie products, there was a very hands on approach with lots of massage which wasn’t just focused on your face. The foot massage in particular was excellent, and I left with my skin feeling softer and fresher and appearing plumper.

Don't have an hour to spare? Why not try Body & Sole's Express facial...

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