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Tried and tested: Polar White Pro Teeth Whitening Glaze

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Tried and tested: Polar White Pro Teeth Whitening Glaze

A good smile is a must in my book, so showing off a less-than-white grin when a camera is pointed my way is really not an option. Teeth whitening treatments seemed a bit drastic for what I wanted, so when the Polar White Pro Teeth Whitening Glaze landed on my desk, I was hoping this could be the perfect pearly-white enhancing product I was searching for.

The product

The Polar White Pro Teeth Whitening Glaze is an innovative home teeth whitening pen that can simply slot into your makeup bag and your daily routine with ease. It uses the potent active ingredient carbamide peroxide as its base, which is not only clinically proven to bleach teeth and lighten discolouration, but it is also completely safe and won’t damage your enamel or gums.

Carbamide peroxide is also popular with dentists, and is used in many of their own teeth whitening treatments since it works relatively quickly to eliminate stains that may be lingering on your gnashers. Nominated to feature in Prudence magazine’s Best Beauty Buys Award 2010, the Teeth Whitening Glaze is said to last between six to twelve months.

The treatment

Though the saying is ‘no pain, no gain’, the complete opposite is true here. Many people associate teeth whitening with an incredibly complex and daunting process, using strips or trays or even lasers. However, the Polar White product is incredibly easy to use, as it comes in a simple pen applicator with a small brush at one end - very much like a concealer pen. You twist the end of the pen until a pea-sized blob of clear gloop emerges on the brush, and then paint on over your teeth, avoiding your lips. Swipe a thin layer across all of your teeth; it foams up slightly but doesn’t really react in any other way.

According to the instructions you should then leave it for a minute, which meant I was standing in front of the mirror grinning like a loon while I waited as I didn’t want it to escape anywhere. You don’t need to wash it off and it doesn’t show up on your teeth so you don’t need to worry about appearances.

Since I had just started using the pen, I applied it straight after I brushed my teeth in the morning and evening, hitting the recommended two to three times a day for the suggested seven days. It’s after a week that you are meant to see a noticeable difference in the shade of your teeth, as your pearly whites could brighten up to six shades over six days.

The result

If you want results the very second you apply the glaze, then you’ll be disappointed. Even after using religiously for a few days, I was still rather dubious about whether I was actually making any headway. I continued using the pen regardless, and after another week, I began to see results.

Granted, my teeth were originally rather creamy / yellow in colour, so the pen probably had its work cut out for it, which may be why it took slightly longer for them to lighten. But lighten they have, and although it isn’t a massively drastic change - and not entirely noticeable to others - after studying my teeth I can spot a difference in the colour and they do look significantly whiter. I will definitely continue to use the pen so that I can build up the whiteness over time and will be smiling far brighter than usual...

Check out Care 4 Your Skin where you can grab the Polar White Pro pen for £20.30.If you're looking for a teeth whitening treatment, why not look at these venues...

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