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Tried and tested: Lash Lift with MYscara, Athenaeum Spa

From: What Katie Tried Next,

Tried and tested: Lash Lift with MYscara, Athenaeum Spa

The big lash look has hit the fashion scene hard this year, so when we heard about a brand new treatment that has the same effect as false lashes or extensions but uses your own eyelashes to achieve it, we were intrigued. Who wouldn’t want to save on all the fuss and hassle of curling, layering on the mascara and gluing on fake lashes to get extra length?

Already receiving plenty of attention and curious enquiries despite only just being out of the starting blocks, we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to explore this time-saving treatment some more...

The venue

Stunning splendour, gorgeous grandeur and an impressive imposing air are all common in London’s glamorous Park Lane, but nowhere more so than at Athenaeum Spa at Athenaeum Hotel. As the massively tall glass doors were opened for me by smart suited doormen, I couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed, incredibly excited and completely in awe, all at once.

The spa area is actually downstairs in the basement area of the hotel, where I was shown into a room that seemed to be the waiting room and treatment room in one. The autumnal decor of reds, oranges and clay grey were soothing yet stylish, and despite the small size and the lack of privacy, it was still a comfortable space.

The treatment

The Lash Lift is a new technique that has only just been added to the menu at Athenaeum Spa. It works like a perm, lifting your natural lashes to make them appear longer, more fanned out and thicker, creating a look similar to strip lashes or extensions. If you also have the optional MYscara, this semi-permanent, smudge-proof extra is the perfect finisher for a longer-lasting look. The Lash Lift will last for between 6 to 8 weeks and the MYscara lasts for up to 3 weeks, saving you bundles of makeup application time each morning.

After studying my eyes, friendly therapist Rachael decided that a natural look would suit me best, since my eyelashes were already quite long. She settled on a ‘medium’ lift, although she personally preferred the ‘small’ which funnily enough is the most dramatic one you can have, giving you the fake lash look.

Although it feels strange having various sections of your lashes taped up or down, the treatment wasn’t painful or uncomfortable at any point - especially since the skilled Rachael, who has been working at Athenaeum for six years, had an incredibly gentle touch. It was sometimes hard to know what was going on, since you have your eyes shut for most of the treatment, but she was always explaining the next step and asking whether I was ok.

Once I had all the various bits and pieces on my eyes, including a silicone pad contraption that would curl the lashes, it was left for 12 minutes before Rachael began rubbing off the layers she had carefully applied. It is a fiddly and time-consuming process since it goes on your eyes soft, but then turns into a rubber-like substance which is peeled off.

Once my eyes were bare again, I checked out the lift and could already see a massive difference, but I still had the MYscara to go for that extra definition and colour. The lashes are taped up once more as the bottom lashes are painted, and then it’d time to shut the eyes again for the top lashes to have their turn. Once the war paint is on, it dries for four minutes and then it’s over. It is a fiddly process so it does take quite a while - I was there for about 90 minutes in total.

Rachael also informed me about aftercare for my lashes – I couldn’t get them wet for 24 hours, had to avoid eye makeup remover and try not to sleep on my face for fear of squashing them. I asked whether I could wear eyeliner, and although you can, Rachael didn’t recommend it as the MYscara will last far better without.

The results

I knew my lashes were already pretty decent but I had no idea they could go to these lengths. I keep thinking I have a hair on my face, but it’s actually my long lashes tickling under my eyebrows! I was met by plenty of cooing at the office as it does give you an instant, noticeable result, and they even survived my morning shower. A complete time saver, that gives an eye catching, bold look, meaning that you don’t need to spend ages applying the contents of your makeup stash to your face!

They look impossibly long and really nicely spread out - even my lower lashes which have a tendency to clump up. It’s only day one after treatment so it’s too early to comment on their staying power, but I can see that if you take care of them they’ll last well. Plus, even after the MYscara wears off the Lash Lift will still be working its magic so all I’ll need is a regular mascara to keep the curl looking good. The Bambi look is so in…

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