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Last week of the challenge

From: Marisa's Wellbeing Blog,

Last week of the challenge

As it goes, I spent week 3 of the 4 week Beach Body Challenge on the beach. Having drank my body weight in Sangria and San Miguel last week, I have some serious catching up to do this week.

The week before I went on holiday I was right on track with my workouts. I did pilates, strength training, core exercises, various cardio, and a circuit training class which would wear out a Marine.

Yesterday I tried out Bootcamp Pilates and I could not believe how challenging it was! They use Pilates Reformer machines which consist of springs, straps, a moving carriage, and an adjustable footbar. The added resistance and balancing needed to do the pilates moves made this an extremely challenging workout. I have not felt that fatigued during a workout since track practice at the University of Colorado. If you are feeling brave, give it a try-- your first session is free and you can book here! Following Bootcamp Pilates, I did a 30 minute jog.

Today I had a great workout starting with a 30 minute jog then a 15 minute bike ride. It wasn't just any bike ride either, my local gym just got some snazzy new Trixter Xdream bikes which turn you into the cyclist in a video game on screen. I love to combine games with working out (like Wii Boxing!) so it was good fun. I topped off my cardio with 75 minutes of Hatha Yoga. I am off to a good start this week! Let's hope I can keep it up!

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Hi! I'm Marisa - I am a Web Designer for Wahanda.

For the Wahanda Staff Beach Body Challenge I am going to follow a Vegetarian Whole Foods diet. This consists of eating only vegetarian food and avoiding processed food and refined sugar, as well as cutting back on dairy and alcohol. I am going to find time to workout 6 hours/week and build more muscle.

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